Looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding guest book?

From wishing wells to river stones, we've put together a list of the top ten most creative alternatives that you are guaranteed to love for years to come.

1. Wishing Well

If you want an unconventional wedding guest book that everyone will be in total awe of then this beautiful wishing well is for you. Complete with 100 wooden hearts which can be written on both sides (giving you 200 writable surfaces), and a personalized pail which hangs from the center of the rustic twig handle, it's the perfect compliment to numerous styled weddings including country, vintage, woodland, garden, barn, DIY, backyard chic, eco friendly, or just about any eclectic style.

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2. River Stones

If you're looking for an earth friendly way to express yourself at your green inspired wedding then these natural stones are the ideal alternative to a traditional wedding guest book. Handpicked for their unique coloring and preferred shape, they are super easy to write on and you can display then in many creative ways from creating a dry riverbed down the center of the table to placing them in a rustic wicker basket or stunning glass dish. Once the big day is over you can use them in your garden or as a feature on your dining room table.

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3. Puzzle

Impress your guests with a personalized puzzle, as seen in Martha Stewart Weddings and You & Your Wedding. Making your guest book interactive is a fun way to engage your guests and encourage them to get excited about leaving you a little love note. When the party is over you'll have fun putting it together and reading the good wishes.

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4. Personalized Landmark 

Do you have a favorite landmark that holds a special place in your heart? Perhaps your hubby proposed atop the iconic Eiffel Tower or aside the Statue of Liberty? Whatever the case, these signature landmark prints are a fun and quirky way of capturing all the names and autographs of everyone who attends your event. Better yet, grab a variety of colored ink pads and have guests leave their unique fingerprints to create the balloons.

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5. World Map

Writing messages on a map is a great idea for a destination wedding or for a couple who's jetting off right after the big day. It's also a super cute idea if you and your hubby come from different parts of the world, as this map can serve as a beautiful reminder that borders and oceans can't stand in the way of true love.

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6. Surfboard

If you really want to break the mold, then think outside the box and have your guests sign something like this surfboard! If you're tying the knot with a beach themed wedding, then a surfboard is sure to hit just the right spot. Can't see a surfboard fitting into your wedding decor? You can always opt for a chair, patchwork blanket or even a vinyl of your favorite love song.

Photo via Vancity Allie


7. Vintage Typewriter

Not only is a typewriter guest book vintage and chic, it's also a great way to keep your guests entertained during the reception. After raiding all the thrift stores if you still can't find one fear not, some companies will rent you an antique typewriter for a fee. Display your typewriter on a sturdy table decorated with florals, tablecloth and other decorative items to make it a central feature. Place a box of high quality paper next to the typewriter for easy access for your guests, and make sure you explain exactly what you want them to do. Also be sure to include a few pens in case guests want to sign their names or add any other handwritten embellishments.

Photo via Le Fanciulle


8. Marriage Advice

Rather than simply collect a list of names and signatures, ask guests to fill out these quirky marriage advice cards and then pull them out on your anniversary for a night of laughs. Whether it's heartfelt, informative or funny, everyone will love sharing their secrets to a long and happy relationship.

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9. Message In A Bottle

Whether you're getting married waterside, or you just love the idea of creating your very own message in a bottle, this is a fantastic alternative to a traditional guest book. Ask your guests to jot down their wishes on the paper provided, which they then roll up and secure with a ribbon to make mini scrolls before popping them into the bottles. The best part of all is you can choose to leave the messages unread until your first wedding anniversary (which just so happens to be paper!) where you can unwrap and enjoy.

Photo via Becca Freeman


10. Chalkboard 

This striking chalkboard is modern and fresh, and the central panel provides the perfect space for you to write your names and wedding date, along with any other wording you'd like to use to celebrate your special day. Hang it on the wall or mount it on a stand and use a collection of colored pens for guests to use for adding their messages inside each of the hearts.

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Your Turn...

Do you have a unique idea for your wedding guest book? We'd love to hear all about it! Let us know in the comments below...