Creative and Unique Wedding Photography IdeasThere is no better way to create a memorable wedding photo album that will bring you joy for years to come, than by filling it with unique wedding photos that really show off your true character.

Wedding photography has a tendency to be stale and boring, but with so many artistic photographers out there and plenty of creative ideas to spice things up, your wedding photo album doesn't have to be a snore.

Make a lasting impression with your wedding snaps...

Whilst traditional wedding photos with the bridal party and guests make for a heart warming keepsake, these days couples are going above and beyond with their wedding shots and there is no reason why you can't too.

Pre Planning

So you've been surfing the internet and you've decided that you want to make a splash with your wedding photography and do something a little different. Good on you! Now it's all about bringing your ideas to life and making it happen.

The best way to ensure you get the photos you want is pre planning. Look for a photographer that already has creative wedding photos in their portfolio, or at least inquire about the possibility of these kind of shots before you book.

Once you've found the right photographer for you, you need to sit down with them and hash out all the details. Share what you are hoping to achieve with your wedding photos and if possible bring along a scrapbook of ideas that you want to recreate or take inspiration from. The more details you are able to give to your photographer the better, as this way you can make sure you are on the same wavelength.

Get Creative With Props

You can incorporate a lot more than just people into your wedding photos to help make them truly memorable. Bringing props into the picture will add a unique flair to your images and is the perfect way to let your personalities shine through. A good starting point for picking props is to choose things that have a special meaning to you. For example, props that remind you of when you first met, your hobbies, or your likes and dislikes. With that being said, props don't always have to be meaningful, sometimes they can just be for fun.

Here are some prop ideas to get you going:

-- Chalkboards
-- Umbrellas
-- Funny glasses
-- Antique furniture
-- Hats
-- Mirrors
-- Picture frames
-- Sparklers
-- Signs
-- Balloons
-- Bubbles
-- Sports interests (golf clubs, tennis rackets, baseball bats)

Get Inspired

With all the chaos that comes with wedding planning it can be easy to forget everything you had in mind. Use this collection of unique wedding photography ideas to get and stay inspired for your very own big day:

Wedding Photography Ideas

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Creative Wedding Photography Ideas

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Unique Wedding Photography Ideas

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Inspirational Wedding Photography

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Inspirational Wedding Photos

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Unique Wedding Photos

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Creative Wedding Photos

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Creative Wedding Photo Props

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Creative Wedding Pics

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 Wedding Pics

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Inspired Wedding Pics

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Wedding Photography

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What ideas do you have in mind for your unique wedding photography?

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