Outdoor Date Ideas

Have nothing planned on Valentine's Day and are looking to do something fun?

We've compiled a list of activities that are anything BUT dinner and a movie.

These budget friendly (save for one) date ideas will last you the whole weekend, so the activities can extend well past the weekday holiday.

Take our friendly advice and we guarantee you Valentine's Day will never feel the same again.

No date?

No problem!

Grab your mother, sister, cousin, study partner or whoever is available.

These ideas can be enjoyed by mostly anyone no matter what "type" of person.

Touch up on Culture

Date ideas for valentines day

Photo from La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art in January 2012 (Arch Daily)

How often do you make time to stop by an art museum?

Turn Elementary School field trips of the past into inspiring bonding experiences by taking a stroll through your city or county's local art museum.

If you have never stepped into one before, this date idea is highly recommended!

Art galleries hold wonder for each individual who walks through them.

The experience, especially with someone close can be both relaxing and inspiring.

To be surrounded by great creations might even spark some ideas for you or your partner.

This is an easy way to "stop and smell the flowers" together!

What to do for valentines day

Photo of The Getty by BillsPhotoofTheDay

Check your local museum to see if they have free admission on a certain day or timeframe.

For example, The MoMa and The Whitney in New York City are free and donation-based (respectively) on Friday afternoons (NYC Go Guide).

Some museums are always free or donation-based such as:

The Getty in Los Angeles, CA or The Contemporay Photography Museum in Chicago, IL (National Geographic Chicago Museum Guide).

Get Outdoorsy

Outdoor Date Ideas

Valentine's Day can be about "going out" in a naturey way too!

Grab a map, some water bottles, and (if the weather is nice) grab some sunglasses because you two are headed for a fun and challenging morning in the mountains!

Hikes are a great Valentine's Day date idea for two reasons:

1. You will most likely not have reception, therefore you will not be bothered by "the real world."

2. There will be plenty of opportunity for you two to have conversations and find out more about one another, while getting to know your natural surroundings at the same time.

Get outdoors for valentines day

Photo from Above the Clouds Estate

Some hikes even offer a pot of gold at the end of the trail in the form of an amazing viewpoint or a natural wonder such as a waterfall.

What's more is this is a one hundred percent organic date idea!

Pack Your Bags

Vacation ideas for valentines day

Photo via Tikiki

Forget all the local plans...

Tell your Valentine's Day partner to pack their bags and grab their passport, because you two are taking a trip to that city that's been getting dusty sitting on your bucket lists!

Chicago? San Francisco? Portland? Austin? New York?

Why not?

Of course one weekend is not enough time to explore a truly foreign city situated across the Earth, and with only so few days together you don't want to waste precious time while sitting in an airplane, so choose somewhere reasonably distanced.

 See our recommendations of exotic United States Destinations for inspiration.

weekend getaway for valentines day

Photo of Telluride, CO via CNN

As crazy as it sounds, in the long run it is just one weekend.

Believe us, your Valentine's Day will be the talk of your friends!

To see our full monthly travel guide, click here.

Stay In

where to go for valentines day

Photo via Camilla Engman

Here is an idea you can definitely do, no effort needed.

In fact, the only effort you will have to put in is in trying to do as little as possible!

Wake up whenever you want, eat whatever is in your fridge, pull up a funny movie on Netflix or any favorite DVD, call for takeout, play a board game or some video games and end the night with a nice relaxing bubble bath!

stay at home for valentines day

For as much slack as Valentine's Day gets for being a commercial holiday, one of its great purposes is to remind us about the basics of love and quality time.

If being static is incredibly impossible for you, then add a nice homemade dinner to close the night; however, no staying in the kitchen too long, and no dishes til the next day!

Catch a Concert

Fun date ideas

Photo via Nancy Ly

Studies have shown that dancing does wonders.

Social dancing can release endorphins, reduce stress and even counteract declines in aging, especially for older people.

A quick Google search for a concert or live music around your home can pull up some interesting acts.

Choose a band or performer the both of you feel comfortable seeing, and one that looks like it would be a popular event.

Take this opportunity to branch out to a new venue in your city or even a new music scene.

Places to go for valentines day

Photo via National Geographic

Since dance floors are aways inviting more pairs of feet, this would be a great activity to grab your friends to come along too!

Brewery Tour

Brewery tour event ideas

Photo via Rawstory

Now possibly the date idea that most guys will be excited to hear is your genius idea of a brewery tour.

Even if your guy or girl is not into beer so much, it is a fun and exciting experience to see what goes on behind the scenes to create a seemingly simple drink.

You will gain some knowledge that you can tout around real beer fans, and maybe even find a newfound appreciation.

Date night ideas

Each brewery atmosphere is unique and like stepping into a "home," so the experience is a lot different from visiting a chain restaurant.

Along with beer tastings, some places offer food as well.

The famous Stone Brewery in San Diego, CA has a special menu just for Valentine's Day.

Sexy valentines day date ideas

Last but not the least, here is our guide for Valentine's Day Gifts if you are still in need of one.

 Your Turn...

Do you have any date ideas to add?