boudoir photography - perfect gift for him

Regardless of your thoughts on Valentine's Day (hate or love it!), if you're in a relationship, then you're expected to celebrate the holiday in some way.

If you hate it, you better suck it up and come up with a sweet gesture or gift for your special someone.

You don't have to buy a greeting card, box of chocolates, or bouquet of red roses to make your lady/man feel loved.

Here are a few romantic ideas to help you get started...

On a budget:

1. Hand written love note

Valentines Day Ideas: handwritten love note

Women are say the least.

But I've never met a woman who has ever favored a Hallmark card over a hand written note.

Buy some nice paper, or even a blank card, and start thinking of ways to write about how special she is to you.

It doesn't have to be an essay, rather some carefully chosen words to express why you love this person.

Start with a story, a memory, or anything that captures a great time you've spent together.

Ladies, although your guy may not admit it, he'd love a note as well.

2. Framed picture of the two of you

In the digital age, we often forget to print out all the photos we take with our digital cameras.

At least I do!

Try to find a few photos that are worthy of display in your house.

Buy a few nice frames, pop in the photo, and voilà, a gift she'll treasure forever!

Other ideas on a budget:

3. Home cooked dinner or picnic for two, including dessert

4. Find a Groupon or Living Social deal for wine tasting nearby

5. Make your own coupons for a back massage, foot massage, etc. for your partner to redeem

6. Rent a romantic movie and make homemade gourmet popcorn

7. Create a scavenger hunt around her house with clues that lead to small presents

8. Do all the chores around her house for a week

9. Take a walking tour of your nearest city, visit a few new places or old landmarks

10. Create a mix CD(or digital compilation) of your favorite love songs that remind you of them

Feeling bold:

1. Buy lingerie

Victoria's Secret Valentine Lingerie

If you know her underwear/bra size and feel confident you can pick out something that she'd like (and that you'd like to see her in as well), then this might be the gift idea for you.

There is nothing more awkward than receiving clothing in a size too large or small, so when in doubt, buy a gift card for the value of the item(s) and take her to the store to try them on.

Whether it comes from Victoria's Secret or Agent Provacateur, she'll love how daring you are!

2. Take her to a dance class to learn to tango, salsa, or something as equally spicy!

Valentines Date Ideas: salsa dancing

Take the lead on this one, and surprise her with a night of dancing.

She will be impressed by your bravery to try something new and different!

Maybe you'll get to use these moves again at your estate wedding or honeymoon!

Other bold ideas:

3. See a burlesque show

4.  Go to an underground supper club dinner

5. Camping/Glamping

6. Karaoke to your favorite duet in front of a crowd

7. Get a tattoo to commemorate your love

8. Aphrodisiac cooking class

9. Sky dive, hang glide, bungee jump or zip line

10. Elope!

Over the top:

If you consider yourself the ultimate romantic, then you're probably glossing over these ideas thinking they aren't nearly suited for the love of your life.

You want to spoil him or her rotten!

1. Rent or buy out a favorite location, at least for a little while!

Date Ideas for Valentines: ice rink date

Whether this be an ice skating rink, a private dining room at your favorite restaurant, find a spot you can call your own for at least an hour or so.

This one-on-one time will make your date feel incredibly special!

2.  Hire a celebrity chef to prepare a custom meal for two at a unique location.

celebrity chef private dinner - valentines date idea

Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, Richard Rosendale, and Jerome Bocuse - Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift

If you're going all out, you might as well do something completely unexpected!

Neiman Marcus debuted a fantasy gift last year with a private dinner for 10 with world renowned chefs for a whopping $250,000.

Hire a well know chef, someone you've seen on the likes of Top Chef, to create the most memorable meal ever!

Rent a Private Estate for a Valentines Day Date

The Cairo Estate - San Juan Capistrano

Rent a private estate and enjoy your own private restaurant!

This is bound to knock your date's socks off as the best date of all time!

Other over the top ideas:

3. A day of ultimate pampering at the spa after the perfect day of shopping.  Better get her a beautiful new ring to go with her manicured nails!

4. A private boat ride on the Duoro river in Porto, Portugal, with luxury Port and chocolate tastings

5. A whirlwind trip to a warm climate, spend your Valentine's day at an all-inclusive resort where neither of you have to lift a finger

6. A private concert with your favorite artist

7. Re-enact her favorite romantic scene from her favorite movie, and take her to the exact place it was filmed

8. Have a star named after her, and take her to an observatory for a private dinner and viewing of her star, wherever that may be

9. Chauffeured private car to Europe's most famous landmarks, or other excursion through AutoVenture

10.  Nothing on this planet good enough for your sweetheart?  How about a trip into outer space on Virgin Galactic

Gift Ideas for your Man:

So your guy may not love that bouquet of flowers as much as you do, so here are a few gifts that you know they'll love.

After they've surprised you with one of the dates mentioned above, aren't they deserving of a fantastic date of their own?

1. The "Man" date

 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for him

Sometimes a dinner for two is nice, but its time to take your guy out to do something he'd really enjoy.

Go-Kart racing, a game of golf, a concert featuring his favorite band, rent a sports car, etc.

Anything that puts him at the center of attention will do the trick!

2.  The gift of booze

A gift basket of specialty beers may be the perfect way to your man's heart.

Gift ideas for your man

Draftmark Tap System

Or buy the new Draftmark Tap System which fits tidily in your fridge, for that perfect, straight from the tap pour...without having to leave your house!

If he is more of a wine, spirits, or cocktail guy, buy his favorite alcohol of choice (maybe that nice bottle of Scotch he's been eyeing), and be his own private bartender!

3. A night at home

video game date for valentines day


If your guy is always busy and never has a chance to relax?

Give him the ultimate night at home.

Either cook his favorite dish or have it delivered.

Buy him that video game or rent that movie he can't stop talking about.

Maybe try out that lingerie he bought you earlier.

Whatever the case, it will take the pressure off him, and he'll love all that personal attention.

4. Boudoir Photos

boudoir photography - perfect gift for him

JW Photography Studio

Guys are visual creatures, so why not surprise them with a special photo shoot?

He'll never be able to take his eyes off you again!

What are your big V-day plans?

Which of these date ideas would you be dying to go on?