Valle De Guadalupe Wedding Ideas

After visiting Valle de Guadalupe for the first time in August of 2013, the event planner in me could not stop thinking about that wedding or group getaway weekend in the Valle.

So we went ahead and put together the perfect 4 day weekend in Valle de Guadalupe.


Let's dive in and start with where to stay...


Wedding Venues in Mexico: Encuentro Guadalupe

Photo Courtesy of Luna Photography

1. Encuentro Guadalupe -- Accommodations for 58 guests

Encuentro Guadalupe is hands down the coolest Eco Resort we have ever encountered (no pun intended). 20 pods and a 5 bedroom Eco Villa make up the entire resort. The rooms have all the amenities of a 5 star resort, yet you get a taste of the “glamping experience.” A complete write-up about Encuentro can be read here.

Things to know:

  • No kids allowed.
  • Not the best fit for elderly guests or anyone with physical disabilities as the hike to the rooms can be difficult.
  • No TV but great Internet connection.

2. Villa Del Valle -- Accommodations for 12 guests

Mexico Wedding Venues: Villa Del Valle

For additional accommodations check your guests into Villa Del Valle.

The Villa is comprised of 6 rooms, accommodations for 12 people. Like Encuentro Guadalupe, Villa Del Valle is also available to be rented for weddings and retreats. The grounds are stunning and peaceful. They even have a yoga facility right on site so it lends itself perfectly for yoga retreats. Owners of Villa Del Valle also own the world renowned restaurant Corazon De Tierra as well as Vena Cava winery so guests can enjoy all three locations without having to get in the car (that's a huge bonus).

3. Adobe Guadalupe -- Accommodations for 12 guests

Wedding Locations in Mexico: Adobe Guadalupe

Family owned bed and breakfast and winery has 6 bedrooms on site, with accommodations for 12 guests. The grounds are lovely and breakfast and wine tasting are included.

Here are a few additional accommodations:

4. Hacienda Guadalupe -- 12 room hacienda

wedding venues in Mexico: Hacienda Guadalupe

Photo courtesy of Hacienda Guadalupe

5. Cuatro y Cuatro -- The Definition of Glamping, 12 glamping tents on site

Image Provided Courtesy of Cabanas Cuatro Cuatros

Image Provided Courtesy of Cabanas Cuatro Cuatros

Just a quick reminder -- if you plan to host an event at any of these locations a room buyout is required. With such small spaces, it's not difficult to accomplish this.

Alright, let's get started with our wedding weekend itinerary...

Day 1 -- Departure from San Diego (Thursday)

Get your party started right and take advantage of our group transportation from San Diego to Valle de Guadalupe. The quick 2-hour drive is easy breezy when someone else is driving. You also don’t have to worry about your guests getting lost which is a huge huge plus. If you feel like making a pit-stop you can always stop in at Puerto Nuevo for some lobster, beans and tortillas. YUM!!

Wedding Weekend Itinerary - Day 1

Arrive at Encuentro Guadalupe. Have your 50 closest friends and family check in and relax poolside and start the celebration off with house-made sangrias and mojitos. Treat your guests to some of Chef Flor Franco’s unforgettable ceviche and the best fish tacos in the world. Soak in the incredible view and just relax.

Day 1 of our Wedding Weekend Itinerary As the day winds down have your guests meet at the cantina for a welcome reception. Enjoy the best views of all of the Valle, sip house-made wine and enjoy small bites of local favorites without having to leave the grounds.  We can even bring in some of the local wineries and food providers if you would like for a complete Valle tasting experience with you and your guests.

Experiencing Valle De Guadalupe

Watch the incredible light show in the sky and then go to bed early because day 2 will be packed with fun!

Enjoy the amazing light show each night

Day 2 -- Enjoying Everything the Valle Has to Offer (Friday)

Coffee at La Escuelita --

La Escuelita

How do you go to the Valle and skip La Escuelita?

Can't do it is the answer!

The coffee at La Escuelita is simply delicious. It's not every day that you can buy single origin coffee and have it roasted right on the spot. In addition, you can buy fresh roasted beans and what better gift to take away for your guests than a local product from the Valle?

La Escuelita is better known as a winemaking school. It is comprised of 6 buildings all made from recycled material including old mattresses, tires, and wine bottles.  Very cool site to see and another great photo op.

After grabbing your morning café, breakfast at Doña Esthela is a must.

La Cocina de Doña Esthela --

Cucina Dona Esthela Valle De Guadalupe

Photo Credit: Life and Food Blog

Dona Esthela’s is a local staple in the Valle. She personally gets up every morning at 2:00am(you read that right) to start making bread and tortillas for her first round of morning guests. This is down home Mexican cooking at its best. With the handful of tables in the kitchen of her home, this place fills up very quickly.

Everything is prepared in the adobe oven and you can smell yumminess from miles away. You must try her signature gorditas, but you really cannot go wrong with anything on the menu. Just be prepared to leave full and happy.

Dona Esthela’s

After breakfast rally the rest of your guests and get ready for a full day of wine tasting (and of course more delicious food). There are so many great wineries in the Valle, but here are a few to start your day. With a large group we recommend stopping at 2 wineries of choice and the last being Vena Cava so you can enjoy lunch after the tasting.

Alximia --

Alximia Winery

Photo Courtesy of Alximia Winery

Alximia or Alchemy is brand new. It's not your typical winery in the Valle and the design caught me by surprise when I first arrived, but after meeting the owner and learning the history and about the whole process at Alchemy it became one of all of our favorites. And...not to mention, the wine is delicious. The owner is a chemist and his father is an astronomer so that should explain a lot when you see the inside of Alximia.

Adobe Guadalupe --

Adobe Guadalupe is quintessential Mexico. This hacienda style winery and bed and breakfast is a must stop on your wine tour. All of the wines are named after angels and they even produce their own Mezcal “Lucifer.” Adobe Guadalupe is also another option in the Valle that can be used as an event space. The estate can accommodate parties of up to 100 guests and the central courtyard has that classic Mexico charm, perfect for entertaining.

Las Nubes --

View from Las Nubes

The view is incredible and their wine is delicious with a very cozy tasting room, complete with a living room and fireplace.

Here are a few additional wineries in Valle worth visiting:

  • Monte Xanic
  • Viñas de Garza
  • Hacienda Lomita
  • Hacienda Guadalupe
  • Santa Tomas
  • Dona Lupe

Vena Cava -- Wine Tasting & Lunch

Vena Cava Winery

Photo Courtesy of Vena Cava Winery

We were sold on the creative architectural style of this winery (really awesome to see). Vena Cava is made up of old recycled fishing boats from Ensenada, which was designed by Alejandro D'Acosta and Claudia Turrent, the same architect and designer as La Esquelita. You will notice some of the same materials and techniques used but in a completely different way. The boats create the ceiling of the winery where the tasting room and wine is stored.

Vena Cava Troika

Photo Credit: Luna Photography & Life and Food Blog

Just outside the winery is a covered patio made from recycled tires, which overlooks a lake with just one more fishing boat. Parked outside is also the wineries very own food truck Troika. So after a day of wine tasting, make Vena Cava the last stop and enjoy the afternoon at Vena Cava sipping on more wine, enjoying local tostadas from the food truck and some of that great local craft brew.

If you have any guests arriving on day two, then having them meet the group at Vena Cava is the ideal place.

After a busy day of eating and drinking everything the Valle has to offer, allow your guests a night to relax and offer suggestions for them to dine out on their own.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Corazon De Tierra --

Corazon De Tierra

Photo Courtesy of Corazon De Tierra

Just a short walk through the gardens of Villa Del Valle you will find yourself at an award winning restaurant, Corazon de Tierra, who was listed in the 100 best restaurants in Latin America. They offer an 8 course culinary experience which is incredible.

Corazon de Tierra

Top Right Photo credit: Alejandro Alarcon Baquedano Bottom Right Photo Credit: Enbloc Hotels

All the vegetables come directly from the garden right in front of the restaurant. Progressive dining is usually not my first choice as I am always worried I will leave hungry, but that is certainly not the case here. Diego Hernandez, the executive chef is truly amazing.

Finca Altozano --

finca altozano

Photo Courtesy of Finca Altozano

When arriving at Finca Altozano, intense aromas of mesquite bbq overwhelm me. Finca Altozano is an open outdoor restaurant overlooking the vineyards. With oversized wine barrel lounges, cozy pods hanging in the trees, fire pits and lounges on the open air deck, you could spend all day just relaxing and enjoying the food, wine and view.

Finca Altozano

The menu includes all local ingredients from the Valle.  Altozano is not the place you come just for lunch, it’s the place you come to relax with friends, celebrate a birthday, to unwind after a day of traveling or simply to curl up in a pod and take an afternoon nap.

Laja --


Photo courtesy of Laja

Laja is known for being the first progressional dining restaurant in the Valle as well as the leader in the farm to table local movement. Laja offers a similar dining experience to Corazon. The food is outstanding and you will not be disappointed.

Day 3 -- THE BIG DAY (Wedding)

Encuentro group breakfast

Start the day off right with a fresh farm to table breakfast with your guests poolside at Encuentro. Fresh squeezed orange juice, chilaquiles, farm fresh organic eggs, and fresh salsa are just a few of our breakfast favorites.

After breakfast allow your guests to spend the day as they choose.

Here are a few activities that can be arranged...

For the Foodies: Pretend you're Anthony Bourdain for the day and make a visit to Ensenada, stopping at La Guerrerense for seafood tostadas and the best seafood cocktails on the planet.

La Guerrerense

Eat right off the street corner with all the other foodies while trying one of her many delicious sauces.

Some other cool things to do:

  • Horseback riding through the Valle
  • Another day of wine tasting
  • Fishing trip out of Ensenada
  • All things outdoors: Hiking, Biking, Yoga, Relaxing Poolside

It's Wedding Time!

ceremony at encuentro

Take advantage of one of the many venues at Encuentro Guadalupe. Sip wine in the cellar, say your "I Do's" on the lobby deck, enjoy cocktail hour at the Eco Villa, and dinner and dancing poolside. Learn more about all the venue options at Encuentro Guadalupe.

wedding venue at encuentro

Photo Courtesy of lunaphoto

Day 4 -- Farewell Brunch

Before heading back home, enjoy one last delicious farm to table brunch with your closest family and friends. Offer local seafood spread from Ensenada, sip some fresh squeezed orange juice with a splash of champagne, serve a self serve bloody mary bar with all the local fixings and reminisce with your friends and family about the all the amazing adventures you just shared over the last 3 days together.

encuentro pool view

Whether it's a wedding, a birthday celebration, a group getaway with your closest friends, Valle de Guadalupe is the place to experience great fun, food, cocktails, and adventure with the ones you love.

For more information on Valle de Guadalupe be sure to check out: