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8 years ago while working for a special events company, I found myself always looking for the undiscovered. The idea of a new venue, a potential event space unknown,  doing something completely outside of the norm. Living in Southern California I was surrounded by beautiful homes, the possibilities seemed endless for celebrations.

Pippin Hill Farm, Virginia

Pippin Hill Farm, Virginia

An intimate beach wedding on the sand in front of a private home, a girls getaway to an eco-chic farmhouse in Sonoma, or a honeymoon at a villa in Tuscany. All of which seemed impossible to find at the time and from that moment, Estate Weddings and Events was born. Estate Weddings and Events (EWE) provides management for private estates and unique venues specializing in wedding, events, filming and celebrations. By 2010, we were managing over 40 properties in Southern California and were ranking #1 on google for all search terms related to renting private homes for events. That same year, we had venue managers of private homes and unique venues all over the world begin to call wanting to promote their venues on EWE. We were no longer merely a local business providing venue management, but an online resource for unique wedding and event venues. It was beyond what we could have ever imagined.

With a passion for unique event spaces and the strong desire to travel we began to explore the world in 2010. Every year we getaway more and more to celebrate and truly experience the unique spaces first-hand that we share with our audience. There is so much more to  picking a venue for your celebration. Yes, the venue is the foundation, so-to-speak if using a house as an analogy, but where will your guests stay? How will they get there? Where will you eat? What vendors are there to hire locally? What are the cool spots the locals go to (not what the commercialized review sites regurgitate, but where the actual locals like to frequent)? How can I find others that have planned celebrations where I am headed?

With all these questions that we were receiving and answers we could supply our audience, we knew that we no longer could be just “a directory for unique event spaces,” but a place where people can come to plan their celebrations, getaways and experiences. A place to wanderlust, where you can explore/dream up your next celebration, plan your journey and then experience and share your adventure {explore/dream + plan + experience + share}.

Venuelust {ven-yooluhst} -- A strong innate desire for off the beaten path spaces for celebrations, getaways, and experiences.

Venuelust offers a place for you to explore/dream, plan, and then experience your next celebration. A place to search for off the beaten path venues/spaces, a place to gather information for planning your next celebration, a place to share your experience, a place to venuelust.

For two venuelusters, we have spent that last 10.5 years traveling the world, celebrating and experiencing life together. As we set out on the next chapter of our lives and to kick off the launch of Venuelust we will be sharing our venuelust with you as we take a month long honeymoon adventure making our way through South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, and maybe a little Island hopping while we are at it.

Follow along on our journey at and with our friends over at for an in-depth look as we explore, uncover and experience the most luxurious uncharted venues available for celebrations. Our venuelust will include a honeymoon villa, farmhouse, private estate, greenhouse, luxury safari camp, tented safari camps, private islands, 5 star boutique hotels, and so much more. We would love for you to follow along and Venuelust with us.

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