Wedding and Event Trends for 2014: Celebrity Hitches

Every year's the same. You make resolutions, you ring in the new year, and you usually abandon your resolutions shortly thereafter.

But guess what's awesome about weddings and events?

They're rarely the same.

That's why tomorrow can't come soon enough; there's so much potential this next year brings in terms of spectacular parties and unforgettable nuptials that we can't help but look forward to saying "hello and welcome!" to 2014.

While we definitely can't list all the good stuff that's to come, here's what's getting us most excited about the wedding and events industry for 2014:

1. Estate Celebrations --

It's no secret we've always been big on using luxury homes and estates for your special events. But the past few years have shown that a lot of you are starting to become interested in this idea, too.

Despite many companies and individuals still recovering from the recession, the Wall Street Journal recently posted an article about "ultimate party houses" and how they're slowly coming back as popular choices for corporate events, large celebrations, and couples' weddings. Many people are looking to spend a little extra dough on these estates because they offer a unique setting that can't be replicated.

And that's really exciting -- not just because we've been proponents of estate events for a while, but because it means that lots of people in 2014 will have the time of their lives in a location they won't soon forget.

Wedding and Event Trends for 2014: Private Estate Venues

Photo by Estate Weddings and Events

2. Fashion Updates --

The year 2013 saw a lot of beautiful bridal gown fashions, including some glamorous sheaths covered in jewels and the popular shabby chic or rustic styles layered in lace.

And 2014 is going to bring even more wedding dress delights that will break tradition in a good way.

For starters, dresses are going to be shorter. 2014 fashion shows have already revealed designs from above the knee to just brushing the ankle. Some dresses are even touting the hi-lo style of short in front and longer in back.

Additionally, bridal fashion designers have been adding long laces sleeves, jackets, boleros, shawls, and more types of cover-ups to their dresses (a particularly nifty trend for winter wedding dresses), as well as introducing ombre and pink colors to the fabric. We're also going to see more feathers and flowers as decorative additions to the ensembles.

All of these trends are feminine yet slightly daring, and we can't wait to see pictures of 2014 brides in some of these gorgeous gowns.

Wedding and Event Trends for 2014: Fashion Updates

Photo from Monique Lhuillier

3. Celebrity Hitches --

As if we didn't have enough incredible celebrity weddings in 2013, we're expecting (and hoping) quite a few more will happen this next year.

Lots of famous couples made the headlines the last few years because of their engagements, but haven't tied the knot yet. People like Kim and Kanye or Angelina and Brad may find that 2014 is the perfect time for them to finally say "I do."

Celebrity weddings are always a source of inspiration for us, and we love passing those ideas on to you. The more celebrities that get married in 2014, the more chances you'll have of checking out their style and incorporating them into your own wedding!

Wedding and Event Trends for 2014: Celebrity Hitches

Courtesy of PeopleMagazine 

Your Turn...

These definitely aren't the only 2014 wedding and events trends that will be popping up, but don't worry -- we'll always keep you informed about any news and ideas here on the blog. If you're engaged and don't want to miss out, sign up to our mailing list to get everything delivered right to your inbox.

Now's also a good time to think about your 2014 wedding goals, once you've had the chance to figure out your new year's resolutions and watch the ball drop, of course.

What wedding or event-related trends are you looking forward to most in 2014?