Wedding Bouquet Alternatives: Non-Floral Ideas

Maybe you can't afford a massive bouquet of roses and baby's breath.

Or maybe you're frightfully allergic to most buds.

But secretly, you never wanted a bouquet of flowers anyway.

There's no wedding rule stating you MUST have flowers.

In fact, many brides opt for non-floral alternatives.

Check out these ten ideas for a unique wedding bouquet that's still inspired by nature!

1. Feathers

Cheap, lovely, and easy to work with, feathers are a perfect addition to almost any wedding.

You can add feathers to a flower-based bouquet so it's not so "normal," or your bouquet can be made entirely out of feathers.

And if you still like the look of flowers, feathers can be used to make them!

Non-Floral Wedding Bouquets: Using Feathers

2. Shells

Absolutely perfect for a beach wedding, shells are another cheap alternative to the flower bouquet.

Select several different kinds of smaller shells to bundle together, or only go with a few larger pieces.

It may take a little extra work to create this bouquet, but the results are incredible and eye-catching.

Non-Floral Wedding Bouquets: Using Shells

3. Leaves

Traditionally, they take a backseat to the flowers, but they have lots of character to offer on their own.

You can go with red, yellow, and orange maple leaves for fall or fresh green leaflets for a spring wedding.

Like feathers, you can form the leaves into various shapes and designs for extra effect.

Non-Floral Wedding Bouquets: Leaves

4. Succulents

Still love the living plant idea?

Try succulents.

You'll need to make sure you pay attention to proper watering techniques for succulents to ensure they look beautiful when you walk down the aisle.

Many brides are opting for succulents because, unlike traditional flower bouquets, the succulents can be re-planted after the big day.

Non-Floral Wedding Bouquets: Succulents

5. Pinecones

Winter weddings are the perfect time to consider a pinecone bouquet.

The great thing about pinecones is you can pick them up for free off the ground, or buy them in a cheap bundle at your local craft store.

If pinecones on their own are not that inspiring to you, try edging the tips in glitter, decorating with some feathers, or adding pine branches.

Non-Floral Wedding Bouquets: With Pinecones

6. Wheat

A wheat bouquet fits a country-style wedding incredibly well and is one of the easiest bouquets you'll ever make.

Tie a bunch of wheat up with a ribbon matching your wedding colors, and you're done.

You don't have to stick with just wheat - any other type of grain plants will work, too!

Non-Floral Wedding Bouquets: Using Wheat

7. Berries

Adding cranberry sprigs to a pinecone bouquet is a good starting point, but you can do more.

Consider a bouquet made entirely of cranberries or some other kind of berries.

Keep them their natural colors, or spray paint to match your wedding.

Just make sure that if you use fresh berries you take care of them properly before the wedding day!

Non-Floral Wedding Bouquets: Using Berries

8. Cotton, burrs, & pods

For a very earthy, natural look, opt for a cotton, burr, or pod-based wedding bouquet.

Alternatively, use all these items together to create a rustic beauty.

You can also pair other items like wheat, berries, and leaves to provide added dimension.

Non-Floral Wedding Bouquets: Cotton burrs and pods

9. Wood

Instead of ignoring the stem part of plants, choose to display it in its own glory.

Bundle sticks, twigs, or branches together for a forest-like feel to your bouquet.

Additionally, pick pieces of wood that have funky shapes to them to create more visual appeal.

Non-Floral Wedding Bouquets: Using Wood

10. Animals

No, you won't be making a bouquet out of real animals.

You're just inspired by them!

A bouquet of fake butterflies can be made out of paper or fabric, or you can carry a live goldfish in a bowl down the aisle.

Just make sure you don't trip.

Non-Floral Wedding Bouquets: Animals

Your Turn...

Again, wedding bouquets don't have to look like everyone else's.

You have more options than you realize, and hopefully these alternatives were just a few starting points!

Lets us know what you you have any creative ideas to share?

Please do in the comments below...