Psy performs Gangnam Style: Wedding Games

If you're lookingfor a few fun activities for both adults and children to participate in during your wedding reception, we have a few ideas to get you started...

Unique Wedding Activities:

1. Photo hunt

Buy disposable cameras, one for each table, and have a checklist of photo ops that your guests need to capture!

Every table can have a different list, so you get a variety of photos.

Some ideas include capturing the best dancer on the dance floor, best dressed, cake cutting, etc.


Bring this activity into the modern age, and have guests take these pictures on their cellphones and tweet the images on Twitter or Instagram with a hashtag created especially for your wedding.

Your guests can follow each and every photo tagged for your wedding while it is taking place!

2.  Couple Bingo

Questions about the bride and the groom are read aloud, and the answers of the questions are the tiles on the bingo card.

Winner gets a small prize.

Questions can be anything from "where did the couple meet?" to "what is the grooms middle name?," etc.

Remember, not everyone will know all the answers, so this will work best with easier and more intuitive questions, but may be more amusing with more difficult questions.

3. Newlywed Game/Guessing Games

The object of the Newlywed game is see how well the bride and groom know about each other by answering questions.

When the question is read aloud, the couple write their answer on a white board, without sharing their answer with their other half.

When they've finished writing their answers, they lift up the boards to see if their answers match.

Some examples are: favorite date you've been on, the longest you've gone without seeing each other, a place you've always wanted to travel to, etc.

newlywed game wedding

Nick Curteman | Resolution Photos

Variations on this game include "2 truths and a lie" where three statements are read aloud about the bride and groom.

Two are true, one is a lie, and they have to guess each other's lie.

Another version would be a guessing game in which the guests guess who they think each question belongs to.

"Who has more shoes?"

"Who is the better chef?"

"Who has received the most parking tickets?"

The more surprising, the better!

shoe game at your wedding

Katelyn James Photography

OR the bride and groom are seated back to back with one of each of their shoes in hand.

A statement is read out loud and the bride and groom guess whom the statement applies to more by raising the corresponding shoe.

"Who is messier?"

The bride may think her groom is guiltiest and raise her groom's shoe, while the groom may lift up the bride's shoe!

Hilarity should ensue!

4. Lawn Games

If you're getting married at a private estate with a flat lawn, there are several lawn games that you can set up for guests to play during cocktail hour or the reception!

Anything from croquet, bean bag toss, horseshoes, or ladder toss can keep everyone entertained!

5. Flash Mob/Choreographed Wedding Dance

A popular wedding trend has been the integration of a flash mob or choreographed dance at the wedding.

Sometimes it is just the bride and groom that participate, and sometimes it can be a surprise gift for the couple from guests!

Psy performs Gangnam Style: Wedding Games

Photograph: Jason Decrow/AP

A popular song this year: "Gangnam Style" by Psy.

The best songs for flash mobs are often one hit wonder/pop songs that have invaded the airwaves that year.

"Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO,

"Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen are other great ideas.

Have you seen this version of "Call Me Maybe" one on the set of The Big Bang Theory?

6. Karaoke

A famous guilty pleasure, Karaoke can be a really fun activity at a wedding!

Whether you have a DJ or a live band for entertainment, both work!

Let your DJ know you want to do karaoke and they can have instrumental songs part of your playlist.

If you have a live band, even better!

Live band karaoke will make you feel like you're part of the band!

Make sure you have a packet/screen with the lyrics in case you need them!

7. Advice Questionnaire

Have  your guests fill out a questionnaire offering advice, with questions like...

"What marital advice would you like to share with the couple,"

"What is the best place to go on a date," etc.

One of my favorite activities is to have a "Date Jar" in which your guests can write down an idea for a date and add it to the jar.

The idea can be as general or as specific as you'd like, from "dinner and a movie" to "road trip to Napa for wine tasting."

The couple can select a handful of ideas to use throughout their first year of marriage (or more!).

8. Traditional Party Games

traditional wedding games

Photo: Todd Pellowe

Musical Chairs, Limbo, and other party games you played as a kid can be another fun way to get everyone's blood pumping!

9. Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

If party games aren't really your thing, you can always have games for the tables, which can be completely optional.

From crossword puzzles, word searches, to a photo jigsaw puzzle of the couple, there is bound to be something for everyone.

10. Guestbook

Guest books are fairly common at weddings, but there are so many great ways to make it more interactive!

Some of my favorite ideas include a "family tree" created with your guests fingerprints or add Polaroid/photo booth pictures to the guest book with funny captions.

family tree guest book: wedding activities

From FancyPrints on Etsy

One idea that requires some advanced preparation and helpful guests, is a scrapbook.

Before the wedding, guests prepare a page with old photos of the bride and/or groom highlighting some of their favorite moments they've shared.

Guests bring their page to the wedding which is placed in a scrapbook with all the others!

Traditional Wedding Activities:

Sometimes, it's best to stick with the classics!

1. Bouquet Toss

Bride throws her bouquet to the single women.

2. Garter Toss

Groom throws the garter (which he removed from his bride's leg) and throws it to the single men.

3. Money Dance

money bag dance wedding games

Guests line up to pay for a dance with either the bride or the groom.

The couple keeps the money and can use it for their new married life together.

Keep it sophisticated, not tacky.

4. Photo Booth

While some may not call it "traditional," most weddings that I've encountered lately all have a photo booth complete with funny props.

Kids Only Activities:

If you are expecting to invite more than just a couple of children to your wedding, give them a few activities to call their own.

1. Pinata

Tie the pinata from a sturdy branch of a tree and fill it with candy.

Blindfold and spin the kids around, and see if they can break the pinata with a bat.

Each kid should have three swings, before passing it on to the next one in line.

wedding cake pinata games

Photo: Jared Platt

2. Coloring Book/Activity Book

Activity books can keep kids entertained at the table while you're guests are trying to finish their meals and speaking with other wedding attendees.

Customize the book with wedding related coloring pages, mazes, word searches, etc.

3. Treasure Hunt

Hide a few "treasures" around your reception.

These can be little surprises found at the dollar store, like bubbles, candy, jump ropes, etc.

With a treasure map, the children can search for the prizes around your venue.

treasure map wedding games

4. I Spy Game

Another alternative is to play an "I-spy" game.

The kids can use their own senses and reasoning skills to come up with their answers.

"I spy with my little eye, something blue."

This can be the blue tablecloth on a dessert table, the blue dress their mother is wearing, or anything else blue.

 Your Turn...

Do you have an idea to add to the list? What is your favorite wedding activity?