Whether it's you tying the knot or your bestie that's taking the plunge,

fear not as we've got the perfect wedding hair inspiration.

From tousled updos to lush cascading curls,

find the prettiest styles for your special day.

You'll be spoilt for choice...

Glamorous Updo

If you're looking for a timeless hairstyle then nothing less than a classic updo will suffice.

Whether you're hosting a dramatic winter wedding or a casual, simple summer ceremony, the updo is any brides' fast track route to instant glamour!


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Flower Power

What bride doesn't want more flowers!

Just remember, if you opt for a real flower (which is totally gorgeous and so sophisticated by the way) make sure you choose a sturdy flower such as a lily - you don't want to end up with a wilted bloom in your do all day!


Photo credit: Gardens of Whimsy

Braided Beauty

Braids can give classy hairstyles an edgy twist, as well as provide a softer, girlier feel to your overall look.

Whether you want intricate braids positioned as a halo around your head or a relaxed ruffled braid with flyaways swept to the side, the choices are endless!


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Half Up

Do you like the idea of an updo but don't want to go the whole hog?

Why not opt for a half up style instead.

Tame your long locks by lightly pinning them at the back and adding extra volume on top.

half up

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk

Half updo styles

Waves and Curls

If you want to look like a goddess, long flowing natural waves are the way to go!

Loose bushed out waves are the perfect way to softly frame the face for the ultimate romantic look.

Love waves but want something a little more polished?

Cascading curls it is!

Beautiful, bouncy curls look great with any dress.

Bridal New Hairstyle

Hairstyle Curls

Curly Hair styles

Hair styles with curls

Let It Hang Loose

Who says you can't let your hair down and opt for the natural look on your big day...?

We're not saying you have to look like you've just rolled out of bed, but with a little gloss, volume and shine you can totally rock this sexy effortless style.


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Short and Sweet

Girls with short hair get married too you know!

Don't feel like you have to join the crowd in a race to grow your locks for the big day - embrace your length and opt for one of these super sweet short wedding hairstyles.

Short Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by Jessica

Wedding Hairstyles that are short

Photos by Rock'n'Roll Bride 

Short Wedding Hairstyles ideas

Photos by Ruffled

Short Wedding Hair styles ideas

Photo by Jessica


Did we hear you say you're planning a vintage themed affair?

You'll be in need of a retro hairstyle then...

retro hair

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Now you know what hairstyle you're going to opt for, it may be time to think about which beautiful adornments will help complete the look?

Which wedding hairstyles are your faves?

Let us know in the comments below.