Save the Date Ideas

Once you've settled on a date

(and hopefully your wedding venue),

you're next step is to send out a Save the Date to all of your guests.

What exactly is a Save the Date?

Well, it is usually a card/note/postcard that you send to your invited wedding guests to notify them of the basic details regarding your wedding.

For example, no Save the Date should be without your wedding date and what city you are getting married in.

After all, not only do your guests have to pencil your date into their calendar, some will have to start looking up flights and reserving hotel rooms.

This will be the first item that you send out to everyone, so you'll want it to set the tone for your wedding and be memorable.

Lets face it, we've all seen a million of the same ol' Save the Date cards and magnets year after year, right?

This is your chance to be unique and get your friends and family excited for your big day!

Not just any Save the Date will do!

We've compiled a few unique, fun, and playful ideas for you to get you started!

Decoder Save the Date. 

Use 3D glasses to view the message under the design!

Photo by Kellan Studios, as seen on Ruffled Blog

Play on Words.

Tie the knot!

Photo by Orange2Photo

By ChandelierPaperInk

Pencil it in!


Inflatable Balloon.

Blow your guests away with this Save the Date.

By Jen Lopardo

Handmade plant markers.

 The card is made with plantable seed paper.

By Lowcountry Press

Custom Coasters.

By lucky8letterpress

Pop Up Card.

By platinumdesigns

Custom Cocktail Napkin.

By Ditto Paper

What did/will you do for your Save the Date? Do you have some other great ideas for us?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!