Wedding Planning Advice and Tips

Wedding planning is fun (no matter what the critics say)!

But there will be times when you have to deal with the hard stuff.

Whether it's asking a friend to bow out of the bridal party, saying no to unwanted guests, or ensuring everything runs without a hiccup, challenges are to be expected.

So how do you avoid the bridal blues?

Bridezillas are made, not born!

Why You Are Having Wedding Planning Problems

If you are experiencing wedding planning problems, here's why:

You're Sharing Too Much Information

We know you're excited, you're entitled to be, but try to restrain from sharing every little detail about your wedding planning process with too many people.

When you do this, you open yourself up to criticism, which can cause you to sway your decisions to more crowd friendly ones.

Keep it stumm and you won't end up blaming everyone else when you start to regret not sticking with your initial choices.

You're Asking For Too Many Opinions

Of course you are going to respect the advice and opinions of those who are helping fund your big day, but that doesn't mean that they have to be consulted on every single matter.

Don't even go there with the bridesmaids if you want to keep your sanity.

Trying to please 5 completely different women is no easy job!

Strapless, short, long, pink, no pink.

Trust me, it's not even funny!

You're Priorities Are All Wrong

If you really want to avoid wedding planning chaos then you need to get your priorities in order.

Get the most important things done and dusted with first such as the venue and the vendors.

Don't buy or book anything that is dependent on elements that are still to be booked or bought, and make sure you leave yourself enough time to complete any DIY projects.

I was still making my wedding place cards the night before!

You're Setting Your Standards Way Too High

We'd all love a dream wedding with castles, carriages and turtle doves, but the reality is unless you're a billionaire or celeb (in which case people will throw stuff at you), you're going to have to figure exactly what it is you can afford.

Don't waste your time dreaming about what you could have had, or what you wish you had, or what someone else had, learn to love what you've got!

You're Continually Changing Your Mind 

No matter what there will always be something you'll want to change.

Whether it's the color of the bridesmaid's dresses, the invitations or the centerpieces, you're bound to come across new things that will make you question yourself.

Make a decision and stick to it.

You'll only waste time and money by constantly changing your mind, plus you'll drive everybody crazy!

Wedding Planning Advice and Tips

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Common Wedding Planning Problems and How to Deal With Them

From writing the perfect thank you notes to tips for the toasts, we've got it covered...

Saying NO to Unwanted Guests

It may sound stingy, but every extra person you invite adds an extra $25, $75, or even $150 to the overall costs.

That soon adds up!

Weddings are costly enough as it is.

So when your cousin asks if she can bring boyfriend of the month along with her, prepare to politely turn down the request to add another name to your seating plan.

Be clear that you have already had to make tough decisions to get the guest list down to an affordable number.

They'll get the message!

How to React to the Toasts

Putting together a wedding toast is hard, but knowing how to react when you're the toastee can actually be more difficult!

Do you sit there smiling, attempting to look as modest as possible as the compliments fly your way?

Do you drink at yourself?

The easiest way to overcome this is to offer a simple toast in return.

Something along the lines of 'Thank you for your kind words. I am so lucky to be here with you all tonight' will suffice.

Then raise your glass and everyone will (hopefully) follow suit.

What To Do With All Those Flowers

As if weddings aren't tear worthy enough, the thought that at the end of the night hundreds of dollars worth of beautiful flowers will be thrown away is bound to send you over the edge.

Either offer the flowers out to friends and family to decorate their homes, or arrange with one of the bridesmaids for the flowers to be donated to local hospitals or nursing homes.

Writing the Perfect Thank You Notes

Figuring out the best way to say thank you to all of your wonderful wedding guests can be tough.

I like to do it the good old fashioned way- by hand.

Handwritten thank you notes add an extra special touch and show how grateful you truly are for their gift or presence.

Sometimes an email just won't cut it!

Finishing the Thank You Notes

So it's coming around to your one year wedding anniversary, and you still have yet to finish writing and sending your thank you notes.

Don't worry, we've all been there!

Commit to writing a few per night until they are all done.

You'll feel so much better once your licking those envelopes and handing them over to the mailman!

How to Wedding Planning

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How to Ensure the Day Flows Well

When asked about the main priorities for the big day most couples will say that above all they want the day to flow well.

But what exactly does this mean?

Well, it usually means that they don't want any surprises and would like everything to run just as planned.

The trick is getting into the wedding planner mindset and creating an accurate timeline for the day.

If you can get this down, you should have nothing to worry about...

Pre-Wedding Preparations

Make sure you leave enough time for pre-wedding preparations.

For example, if you have 5 bridesmaids all lining up for hair and makeup that's gonna take a good few hours.

Don't book your ceremony for 11am unless you want a 6am start!

Getting There

What transport have you opted for to take you to the ceremony and reception?

Timing for this need to be factored in.

A car journey is easy to calculate, but a tractor and trailer will take a whole lot longer!

Know Your Ceremony Inside and Out

Civil ceremonies usually take around 20 minutes (add an extra 10 if you are planning on having readings) whereas church services can take anywhere up to 45 minutes.

You'll also need to allow time for photographs.

Photo Opportunities

On the subject of photographs, most couples choose to have some form of mini photo shoot which usually takes place before the reception.

If you're planning the same then keep it short and snappy.

You don't want to leave your guests hanging around.

They're there to spend this special day WITH you after all.

Arriving At the Reception

Whilst you're having your photos taken you're guests will most likely be indulging in the drinks reception.

Drinks and canapes can last anywhere from one to two hours depending on the caterers and the photographer!

You need to ensure you arrive at your venue with enough time to circulate before the wedding breakfast is due.

Wedding Breakfast Kick Off

Seating 100 guests will take an average of 15 mins, but this is something your venue should have under wraps so don't panic if things seem a little chaotic.

Your wedding breakfast will include speeches, cake cutting, and a three course meal so allow for 2 1/2 hours.

Keep in mind though that this is when timings are most likely to go astray (especially if the father of the bride embarks upon a drunken ramble).

Comfort Break

After everyone has had their cake and eaten it (literally) it will be time for a 'comfort break'.

This is a good chance for guests to stretch their legs and any evening guests that didn't attend the ceremony to arrive.

The Entertainment 

Finally - the entertainment.

Check with whomever you hire how long this will last for, and ask the venue what time the evening is permitted to go on until.

Some places won't allow music to be played after 11pm and others may want all guests out by midnight.

Tips for Planning my Wedding

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Now you can breathe!

Stick to the above advice and forget about wedding day mishaps.

Your Turn...

Do you have any advice for bride and grooms to be? Share with us in the comments below...