Perfect Wedding Venue Locations

By the time you get engaged, you and your significant other have probably already formed ideas of what you want your wedding to look like, sound like, and feel like.

The trick is now going on the hunt for just such a location.

How and where do you start with so many options out there?

Follow these six guidelines to help you find and pick a wedding venue that meets all your wedding day needs and wishes!


First of all, you have to consider budget.

What are you able to afford?

Set down a number up front and stick with venues within or under this price range.

Realistically, every couple will be able to afford different venues.

Don't make the wedding planning more stressful on yourself by wishing you could afford what others can.

Fortunately for you, many wedding venues have different packages depending on things like how much of their location you use and on what day of the week you choose to get married on.

You should easily be able to find a wedding venue within your budget that also has the look and feel you want.

Barn Wedding Venue


Size is also very important for picking a wedding venue.

Though you won't be sending out invitations for a while yet, discuss with your significant other the approximate guest count you'd like to aim for.

Take into account the day of the week you're getting married on (many guests won't be able to attend if you choose a weekday instead of a weekend wedding).

Search for venues that will comfortably fit these numbers, and avoid any that would feel too squished or too empty when filled with guests.

Private Estate Wedding Venue


Don't forget location, too!

Though this is of course your wedding day, you have to consider your guests' ability to attend depending on location.

For example, grandma probably won't be able to fly to French Polynesia, and many of your friends most likely can't afford it, either.

Aim to pick a wedding venue in a location where the majority of those you want to attend your wedding will be able to make it with little or no inconvenience.

Estate Wedding Venue


Is religion important to one or both of you?

In this case, you could look for a venue that will properly incorporate this element of your lives into your wedding day.

This may be the same as or separate from a reception site.

Make sure to check with any church, synagogue, etc. that you might want to book as they often have their own requirements for religious ceremonies.

Wedding Venues Locations


Of course you also want to look for a wedding venue that has the right feel for the type of wedding you're aiming for.

A grand estate in Colorado, for example, definitely doesn't work if you're more interested in a beach-themed wedding.

This advice might seem like common sense, but sometimes even the smallest element of a location can mess up the feel of your wedding.

Pay close attention to the details of venues you're considering, like lighting, angles, building, materials, and more to ensure it all contributes to creating the mood you want.

Work Required

Finally, avoid any venues that will require too much work beyond what you're willing to put in.

For example, if a venue is poorly kept or without basics like tables and chairs, you'll have to factor in all this extra work into your own time.

Do you want a venue that provides the food without having to hire an outside caterer?

Would you prefer the venue already have its own table linens?

All these types of questions need to be considered.

Farm Wedding Venue

Go find it!

If you follow these six guidelines to picking your perfect wedding venue, you'll find that your options are limited to an easily manageable selection.

Now you just need to pick and start preparing for your big day!

Do you have any other tips for finding the perfect wedding venue?  

Tell us about them in the comments, and make sure to share this post with any couple you may know who've just started their venue search!