6 Services To Look For in Your Honeymoon Accommodations

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As my husband planned our honeymoon to the Greek islands, he would periodically send me links to hotels and properties we could stay at, looking for my yes or no to go ahead and book. In the chaos of wedding planning, I often turned a blind eye to just what decisions he was making in terms of where were would stay on our honeymoon. While some of our hotels exceeded my expectations and made the honeymoon relaxing and stress-free, others were quite the opposite, like the one with bed bugs in Crete.

Couples planning their honeymoons are faced with a number of decisions, from where to go to how to get there. However, where you stay will often determine your experience. The honeymoon should be all about relaxing and unwinding after months of wedding planning. You can’t fully appreciate your honeymoon if it’s impossible to get a good night’s rest or even relax at your honeymoon accommodations. Before you start booking hotels, resorts or private estates, you will want to watch out for proprieties with these services.

1. Location, Location, Location

Honeymoon Destinations: What to look for

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Couples should always place importance on the location of where they will be staying on their honeymoon. While you might find utmost luxury in the middle of nowhere, you are limiting what will most likely be your most celebrated trip. As it is your honeymoon, you should be staying right where you want to be, whether that might be next to a private beach or in the heart of a city.

2. Quality Customer Service

For my honeymoon, my husband would often email our hotels and accommodations in advance to let them know we were looking forward to our stay to celebrate our honeymoon. Some properties could care less, while others greeted us beyond our expectations with snacks and champagne. While you shouldn’t expect your honeymoon accommodations to treat you as if you are the first to marry ever, you should expect quality customer service. It is important to read reviews of properties and hotels and be sure customer service is valued. On your honeymoon, if you have a problem or a request that your hotel can answer, you should be able to turn to your accommodations without meeting blank stares. Honeymooners should seek out properties with round the clock service.

3. Relaxation Amenities

Honeymoon Accommodations: What to think about

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Couples can book luxury accommodations but in the process fail to examine the property’s level of relaxation amenities. For example, you don’t want to work too much on your honeymoon. You shouldn’t have to travel too far for a massage or a swim in the pool. Properties with room service also have relaxation amenities down, eliminating a great deal of effort on the part of the couple. Just as you might want luxurious bedding and in room amenities, you also shouldn’t count out the importance of amenities catering toward assisting in your relaxation.

4. Seclusion and Privacy

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Those who have gone through a wedding know just how social saturating it can be. Not only are people from near and far gathering in one set space just to see you, but you also have to converse with them all and thank them for joining in your most special day. The last thing most newlyweds want is to be bombarded with noisy hotel neighbors, thin walls and no privacy.

When you select a hotel or estate for your honeymoon, you should be certain that it will lend you that seclusion and privacy that is much needed after a wedding. At the same time, while you want to select properties for the privacy they can lend, you also don’t want to overdo it. For example, a rented home in the middle of nowhere might sound ideal, but you might also want to be near restaurants and other amenities. Hotels and other honeymoon accommodations can be private in their set ups such as stand alone villas or suites away from public areas but also lend the accessibility to attractions in the area. Newlyweds must find a delicate balance between the two. 

5. Unique Amenities and Activities Offered

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Couples booking their honeymoon travel might be on the look out for estates and resorts that are private, strong in their customer service and also offer a degree of relaxation amenities. However, as it is your honeymoon, you need to be sure your honeymoon digs will also have that specialty. You should be able to take part in activities on site perhaps set up by the property or merely available to you due to the property’s location. From nature walks to private infinite pools, couples should look for that extra edge that set their honeymoon accommodations a part from the rest.

6. The Ability To Unplug

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Your honeymoon accommodations shouldn’t be similar to those of your business trips. While Wi-Fi might be essential for business and maybe even a business center, you don’t need online distractions and work plaguing your honeymoon. If your hotel is quite dialed in to all of the distractions back home, the honeymoon can change focus. Couples should seek out properties that allow them to unplug from their digital lives back home, even if it is just for a little while.

Your Turn…

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