I remember the first time we splurged with miles and booked upper class which happened to be Virgin Atlantic. I spent hours online looking for pictures, reviews, any information I could find about what our experience would be like and nothing really painted a clear picture. I heard about the bar on board from a friend, but that was about it. We didn’t even know about the club house experience in Heathrow prior to arrival. We were major upper class rookies. Lets just say the first time we flew through Heathrow we arrived about an hour before our flight, for our honeymoon we chose the flight we did specifically because we would have 8+ hours at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in Heathrow. So, what the Virgin Atlantic website doesn't tell you is.....


A Bar On Board
I mean it’s a bar on board!! When you cant sleep enjoy a final final (aka a night cap) with one of the fabulous bartenders and make new friends.


Would You Care For A Sleep Suit?
Um, Of course! I always pack pajamas for a long haul flight but when flying Virgin on a long haul, leave your pjs in your suitcase. In upper class they pass out sleep suits so you can cozy up, sleep in comfort and wake up refreshed.


Crisps? Well Of Course
We Southern Californians call them chips but for some reason the “crisps” received upon arrival paired with a glass of champagne are simply perfect.


Hello You!
The menu on board is always fantastic! For 2 pescetarians we usually request a vegetarian entrée when traveling but flying Virgin, leave your requests behind. There is always a vegan option and usually seafood. AND an extra bonus, the seafood is usually sustainable. HIGH FIVES!!


Dinner For Two
On honeymoon, which is often a first upper class experience for many, you want to enjoy every moment with your new hubby or wife. Virgin’s upper class seats are designed so you can enjoy your three-course meal together. Pair each course with their selection of world class wine and finish their fantastic cheese plate and port before getting cozy.



The Fabulous Lounge At Heathrow
This happens to be their flagship lounge and if you only have one chance in your life to fly upper class and either route through London or fly out of London, Virgin is the number one choice in our books. The website is very vague, a few pictures, a mention of a spa and that’s about it. Amenities include:

* Endless signature cocktails and world class wine
* An amazing Deli offering sustainable seafood, chacuterie, artisan breads, cheese and an array of healthy salads. TRY THEM ALL
* The Menu- More and more food. The menu changes and I cant say I haven’t tried anything that I didn’t love.
* The Spa- You have a choice from about 5-6 treatments that are complimentary including a head message, hair treatment, hand treatment and massage, foot massage and more. Take advantage of the spa, you will not regret it.
* A sauna, pool, jacuzzi, steam room and showers. We planned to take a shower just before boarding. I actually searched and searched their website to see if they had a sauna and steam room and did not see anything so assumed they did not. Sadly, I did not have time to enjoy these amenities.
* Pool tables, pack man, “the den” for tv watching, a restaurant, the grey goose bar, candy bar, deli, and I can go on and on. FABULOUS!!