What To Pack For Your Honeymoon

With planning a wedding, the idea of packing and planning a honeymoon on top of it can be extremely stressful. Having a detailed list before you get started can help to making buying and packing a much more enjoyable and stress free process. Obviously a packing list really depends on where you are going but since the average couple typically honeymoons in places that are warm and beachy, we packed for just that. So here we go

What To Pack For Her

What To Pack For Your Honeymoon

* A new stylish Carry on. I happen to love my Diane Von Furstenberg Carry on. You can spot it from a mile away and it goes with everything
* A stylish fanny pack - I take my rais case fanny with my everywhere and you can use it as an over the shoulder bag when wearing a dress
* A travel backpack to store your travel toiletries, electronics, and important documents
* Passport case
* A cute camera strap
* Polarized Sunglasses
* A new swim suit & cover up
* A floppy hat
* 1 pair of jeans
* 1 pair of cozy cover up pants
* 1 Pair of shorts
* A variety of tops for every occasion (daytime, dinner, adventure)
* A few sundresses & 1-2 dressier dresses for nice dinners
* 1 sweater or evening cover up
* 1 pair of sandals, wedges, & tennis shoes
* 3-4 lightweight work outfits

Some advice- avoid overpacking. Pick items that can be interchangeable. It will make travel easier and make it easier for you to decide what to wear for each occasion

What To Pack For Him

What To Pack For Your Honeymoon

* Duffle suitcase
* Backpack
* New swim trunks
* Polarized sunglasses
* 3 pairs of shorts
* 2 pairs of pants
* A selection of t-shirts, button down casual shirts & a dress shirt
* 1-2 pairs of flip flops, 1 pair of dress shoes, 1 pair of tennis shoes
* 3-4 workout outfits
* Hat

For Both

What To Pack For Your Honeymoon

* Passports
* Electronics
- Cell phone
- Gopro & Accessories
- Lightweight camera
- Selfie extender
- Gorilla pod
- Batteries
- Chargers
- Extra memory cards
- iPad or kindle for reading
- Laptop (if necessary)
* Sunscreen
* Any medications
* Snack bars & nuts

Your Turn....

What are some of items that were on your honeymoon list?!