wedding accessories: Scarf, shawl, or pashmina

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So the wedding date is set, and it's in the winter. You've found your winter wedding venue, and you have even started looking for the perfect dress. However, as you plan your wedding's theme and look for your gown, you also need to look at wardrobe accessories that you may want to incorporate into your special day. And trust me: there are some incredible options out there!

1. Fur cape, bolero, or capelet

As soon as you google winter wedding accessories, fur pops up everywhere.

That's because fur, real or faux, has historically only been worn during the winter (or by really rich Hollywood stars whenever they please).

The easiest way to incorporate fur into your attire, if it's not already on your dress, is to purchase a cape, bolero, or capelet you can wear when you need to be outside. You can go with a traditional look in white:

Winter Wedding Accessories

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You can also choose to wear a covering that's colored or patterned to match your wedding theme, or go a bit more modern and include feathers!

Alternatively, if you don't like the idea of fur, find a cape or capelet made of another material. This sheer piece with beading is to die for (though you'll still need something else to keep you warm outside):

Wedding Accessories: Fur cape, bolero, or capelet

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2. Coat or Cloak

Don't like the look of a cape, capelet, or bolero? A coat or cloak can come to your rescue.

Like capes, you can find coats and cloaks that have fur trimmings or are made entirely out of fur. You can also pick a non-white coat for more drama and color.

You can choose one that's full-length and gives you the look of royalty:

Winter wedding accessories: Coat or Cloak

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Or you can choose one that's shorter:

What to wear for a winter wedding

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3. Scarf, shawl, or pashmina

If you're going to opt for a coat, you may still need something to cover your neck.

A scarf, shawl, or pashmina can be worn under or over your coat for added warmth, and can be draped around your shoulders and arms if you get a little chilly, even inside your estate, manor, or other wedding venue.

Make a statement by choosing a scarf, shawl, or pashmina in another color of your wedding theme.

wedding accessories: Scarf, shawl, or pashmina

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4. Muffs

Though they're handy (no pun intended) for warming your extremities, muffs just exude the classic and cozy winter spirit.

You can choose to be the only one with a muff, or your wedding party can wear them, too. Lots of muffs can be bought or embellished with more decorations!

Many brides choose to walk down the aisle with nothing but their muffs, so these can serve double-duty and save you some cash, if you like.

winter wedding accessories: Muffs

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5. Gloves/mittens

Don't like the muff idea? Simply find some lovely gloves for more formal weddings or some mittens for fun-spirited events.

Gloves and mittens wedding accessories

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6. Hats

Hats are great winter accessories, especially ones with heavier fabrics like felt, wool, or fur like angora.

These can easily match your cape, coat, and muff, too.

Winter hats for a wedding

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And the great thing with hats is that the groom can wear one, too!

wedding accessories: hats

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7. Boots or wellies

If you want to skip the traditional bridal shoes all together, consider boots or wellies!

Both are easily hidden underneath your dress and come in a variety of colors and embellishment options (bows or sparkles would be the cutest for this season, though).

Boots or wellies will also keep your feet dry when you need to walk through snow. You can still have another pair of shoes to wear for the ceremony and reception if you wish!

winter wedding: Boots or wellies

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8. Tights

Maybe you don't want to go the boot route because you chose a short wedding dress, so you're going to stick with bridal heels.

In this case, find a pair of tights in a pattern that matches your dress or wedding theme to keep you warm.

Tights also look great in shoe-shot pictures!

winter wedding clothes: tights

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9. Bowties

Traditional ties are fine, and can even look pretty cute if they have a snowflake pattern on them.

But if you're aiming for a more whimsical winter wedding, try opting for bowties instead.

You can make them even more festive by getting them in heavy fabric like velvet.

As Doctor Who says, bowties are cool!

winter wedding attire: Bowties

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10.  Purse/satchel or umbrella

Purses and satchels are the perfect choice for the bride who wants to add more depth and interest to her ensemble.

As always, play around with colors, styles, sizes, fabrics, etc. to see which one looks the way you want it to for your big day!

If you prefer something even more unique, try carrying an umbrella. This is a very practical accessory when it's snowing out and you don't want to get any spots on your dress.

Wedding Accessories: Purse, satchel or umbrella

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Your Turn...

Now that you've got some accessory options, you can start to finalize your big-day look!

Are there any winter wedding accessories you are considering besides these?