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As the temperature rises, so do the interests in throwing parties and gatherings.

After just having thrown a fantastic backyard party for the employees of TaylorMade in Carlsbad, CA, of which we have photos posted (on our Facebook), and with a couple more corporate events planned in the near future, we  hope your your own company is considering its own fiesta, holiday party, benefit night, or whatever it is

As we've stated before, company parties  keep employee motivation high and create a tighter sense of community in the office. For that reason, we've written a blog post to help you on step 1 of the planning proces- that of finding a location.

Other blog posts this week are for future brides about a couple trends we've been noticing. 1) Going green! This week we have a post about how to purchase the most environmentally friendly dress. 2) Dessert tables! It's no longer just about a cake, and you'll see what most brides are getting creative with today.

Lastly we have some defenses against winter weddings because they are one of our favorite themes.

Enjoy reading and enjoy your weekend!

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