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The start of the new year is a time for planning, making resolutions, setting goals and, if you are engaged, it's the time to plan that once in a lifetime honeymoon. For people who are getting married, 2017 is going to be a year of adventure, a year of firsts, and a year to celebrate.  While most couples will be heading to Hawaii or Mexico, consider these 12 off the beaten path destination for your 2017 honeymoon.


The Serai sujan luxury india Where to Honeymoon in 2016

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The vibrant bustling country of India offers such a diverse travel experience. You can see historical monuments like the Taj Majal, stay in ancient palaces, see tigers on safari, visit bustling markets, and even escape to a beachside resort.

Where to stay

The Serai

The Rajmahal Palace


Canaves-Oia-greece honeymoon location

While Greece got a lot of attention in 2015 due to its economic troubles, 2017 is the perfect time to visit due to the high value of the US Dollar. Island hop through the Greek Mediterranean, rent motorcycles and cruise around the scenic islands, stay in a seaside villa and enjoy the local culture and cuisine.

Where to stay

Blue Cave Villas

Canaves Oia Greece

The Arctic: Iceland, Greenland, Norway

Ion Hotel Iceland Northern Lights Luxury

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For the ultimate off the beaten path trip and for couples looking to chase the Northern Lights in 2017, the Arctic is an unbeatable destination for honeymooning. With so many chic, unique luxury hotels, it is hard to go wrong. An example of Arctic luxury is the Ion Hotel, a modern adventure hotel located in Iceland. Here, you can sit back and soak in the views of the Northern Lights, or stay in a luxury igloo where you can snuggle up and take in the lights through a glass ceiling.


Image Via Time and Tide Africa

Image Via Time and Tide Africa

The largest of Africa's islands, Madagascar is often overlooked as a travel destination, but it has everything an adventurous couple would want in an off the beaten path honeymoon. The island is full of rain forests with wildlife that can only be spotted here, stunning beaches and reefs, and roads lined with the picturesque baobab trees.  

Where to stay

Miavana Ultra Luxury Lodge, on the northern coast of Madagascar, opened in 2016. There are very few untouched places left in the world and Miavana is one of them. With just 14 one, two, and three bedroom cottages, this is a secluded destination worth adding to your travel bucket list.


rooms hotel kazbegi Georgia

Located between Europe and Asia, just north of Turkey, Georgia is a picturesque country full of mountains, small villages, and Black Sea beaches. For adventurous couples looking to escape the busy European destinations, Georgia is a great alternative.

Where to stay

Rooms Hotel in Kazbegi is a modern luxury hotel ideal for honeymooners. The hotel sits directly in the stunning Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, which are known for their ruggedly beautiful scenery.

Patagonia, Chile

Photo Credit: The Singular Patagonia

Photo Credit: The Singular Patagonia

In the past, the only options in Patagonia were cabin-like lodges, eco resorts, and camping-style accommodations. The remote region is now a destination with unique luxury style accommodations catering to adventurous honeymooners and travelers who want to experience all that Patagonia has to offer without giving up comfort.

Where to Stay

Singular Hotel

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa


Thalia Haven Tasmania luxury boutique hotel

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While many couples will head to Australia and New Zealand this year, most will overlook the small island of Tasmania. Tasmania is located off the southern coast of Australia. It is known for its rugged landscape, wilderness parks and nature reserves. Tasmania is a secluded destination perfect for honeymooners looking to escape it all but still have an intimate and adventurous honeymoon.

Where to stay

Saffire Freycinet has been named the best of the best in luxury boutique hotels. With just 20 rooms and an ultra-exclusive all-inclusive 5-star experience, it's clear why luxury travelers come to Tasmania just to experience Saffire Freycinet.

Thalia Haven is known for having the most picturesque bathtub in the world (it looks right over the ocean). This makes it a must-try for honeymooners visiting Tasmania.


Havana Cuba Destination Wedding guide malacon

2016 was all about Cuba, and 2017 is all about honeymoons in Cuba. With the recent lift on travel restrictions for US citizens, more people are visiting Cuba. 2017 will bring many more opportunities for easy travel in and out of Cuba. It's only a matter of time before the island will see in influx of chain hotels, cruise ships, and a tourist standing on every corner. Get here in 2017 before the Cuba we know now is a thing of the past.


Image via Belmond Grand Hibernian

Image via Belmond Grand Hibernian

A trip to Ireland is all about seeing the countryside, visiting pubs, sipping on Irish whisky and hanging with the locals. What better way to see the country than to do it on board a luxury train that stops daily in small towns and cruised through areas of Emerald Isle that you would never see on a regular tour. Belmond Grand Hibernian is a luxury train scheduled to make its first trip in early 2016. The Grand Hibernian offers a six night train ride through the country. It makes stops at castles, whisky distilleries and picturesque towns. This inclusive experience is much anticipated for Venuelusters and Honeymooners alike!

Sri Lanka

Ceylon Tea Trails Hatton Sri Lanka summerville bungalow view by pool

There is so much to love about this island country: the tea trails, the jungles, the beaches, the food, the people and the culture. Sri Lanka is just an hour flight from so many destinations, including the Maldives, Singapore and India. It is only a couple hours from Bali and Thailand. Sri Lanka is very affordable, and even its most luxurious of accommodations are within reach for honeymooners with a moderate budget.

Where to Stay

The Ceylon Tea Trails

Cape Weligama

The Wallawwa

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