Hewitt Hill

1)   When you and your fiance got engaged the first person you called was_______.

A. Your mom. My fiance proposed at an intimate dinner for just us two.

B. Your BFF. My fiance proposed in front of my whole family during the holidays.

C. My wedding planner! I knew this was coming and could not wait to throw the party of the century.

D. Estate Weddings and Events. I've had my eye on this estate and know that it books at least a year in advance.

2) Your maid of honor/best man is ______.

A. Your sister/brother. Family means everything!

B. My BFF from grade school. We've been through everything. I know they will have my back or swoop in when something goes wrong.

C. My BFF from college. We always get into a lot of trouble, but we also have the most fun.

D. My most organized married friend. She/he has been through all of this before and will be a great resource during planning.

3) The things that are the most important to me at my wedding are_________ in this order.

A. Guest list, Menu, Venue, Flowers, Dress, Music

B. Guest List, Flowers, Dress, Venue, Menu, Cake

C. Music, Guest List, Dress, Venue, Menu, Flowers

D. Venue, Guest List, Dress, Menu, Music, Flowers

4) I want to get married at a Private Estate because_______.

A. I want to create a homey feel for my guests.

B. We value privacy above pretty much everything else.

C. We can create a one of a kind wedding.

D. The View. The Architecture. It's perfect.

5. I can't wait for my wedding day because______.

A. I can't wait to see my fiance's face when I walk down the aisle.

B. My first dance with my new husband/wife.

C. Open Bar.

D. All of my guest are going to tell me it was the best wedding ever.

6. We are honeymooning at______.

A. The Estate we booked for our wedding.

B. France

C. Spain. . . Well Ibiza

D. Bali

Mostly As: Hewitt Hill

Hewitt Hill

Hewitt Hill Photo by Estate Weddings and Events

You are a family oriented person who loves keeping your loved ones close. The Hewitt Hill is a wonderful place for your wedding because all of your family and closest friends can stay onsite! You can make a your wedding last a whole weekend and beyond.

Mostly Bs: El Dorado Hills

El Dorado Hills Estate

El Dorado Hills Estate Photo by Estate Weddings and Events

You are very traditional and your wedding style reflects that! This Mansion looks very similar to a French Chateau style home.

Mostly Cs: Rooftop Gardens

View of the Rooftop Gardens

View of the Rooftop Gardens by Estate Weddings and Events

You love to party. You and your guests will love the options to extend the hours at the Rooftop Gardens. It's location in downtown LA is conducive to amazing after parties at LA's hottest clubs and bars.

Mostly Ds: Bali Gardens

Bali Gardens

Bali Gardens Photo by Estate Weddings and Events

This expansive estate is perfect for the bride who plans ahead. It has lush gardens and gorgeous views. Estate Weddings and Events can take care of every detail for our Bali Gardens Estate Brides

Your Turn...

What were your results.....mostly As, Bs, Cs, or Ds? Please share them in the comments below...don't be shy!