Your unique hashtag for your wedding is better figured out sooner then later. Here are some tips while you are creating yours and the value it holds.

1. Be unique and creative in your wedding hashtag! Something that shows the character of you and yours, nicknames, interests, etc. Example{s}: #artnscience #xfitcakesgethitched #lizandleighsday #knealeforreal


2. Be sure it's an easy search! Go on Twitter and Instagram to ensure it will be an easy search for you to find these captured moments that you, your friends and guests will be sharing of this new season of life begins.

3.  Be sure that your hashtag works and is not "broken."   Example: #Jenna&Jared - the "&" breaks the flow {literally}, whereas #JennaandJared will remain together {figuratively and truly}.  Go ahead and try it out via Twitter or Instagram and you will see what I mean. Ensure symbols don't break up the # or you will not be able to search for it and have results.


4. Be sure to announce it early! Start using your hashtag throughout your wedding process so you can see and be reminded of the moments that may be a lost in the planning, allow your friends and family to join in on the fun and have memories to forever look back on via good ol' social media.

5. Be sure to have a sign at the wedding so the guests know! This is such a simple thing to overlook, but the importance is great!  Be clear, make it fun and in a spot where all can see as they enter the scene of this glorious event.  Some great examples to choose from...

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Your Turn

We would love to hear what your hashtag is, thoughts on one, if you want help in dreaming of what yours could be...