Why Provence is the BEST Summertime Destination in Europe

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Aside from the city of Paris, the region of Provence, in Southern France, is the most popular destination in the country. The famously glamorous Cote d’Azur (also known as the French Riviera) is located in this region, as are historic and quaint inland towns, amazingly fresh food, tasty wines, and a plethora of bed-and-breakfasts and farmhouses-turned-inns.

These inns offer the quintessential Provence experience. A noticeable rustic atmosphere is perfectly balanced with comfort and the elegant charms that make France such a special destination. The only thing that you DON’T want to do is come to this region and NOT stay in a place like this.

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One of the best converted farmhouses in Provence is the Maison d’Ulysse. Built in the 17th Century, this estate has been lovingly renovated so that its timeless atmosphere remains intact even today. Maison d’Ulysse passed the strict selection process to be listed by France’s Fondation du Patrimoine (the national heritage foundation). So it certain has the credentials to back up its historic atmosphere.

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The accommodation options here consist of four suites, two bedrooms and a grand apartment. There is a perfect balance of comfort and ambiance in each of these rooms. For example, you can find whitewashed limestone walls throughout the property, but there are also modern designer furnishings and state-of-the-art decor and amenities. The Maison also has a solar-heated swimming pool, an onsite Turkish bath, and complimentary meals cooked by the inns’ owners using local fresh ingredients.

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Of course, you will also be seduced by the attractions beyond the Maison d’Ulysse’s front gates. Nearby Nimes boasts a well-preserved Roman amphitheater and an ancient Greek temple. The city of Avignon, meanwhile, has a July Theatre Festival and plenty of historic sightseeing attractions including the extravagant Palace of Popes. If you want to trek to the coast, the glamorous destinations of Cannes and St. Tropez beckon, and you can even venture to Monaco to try your hand at baccarat alongside Europe’s elites.

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While these attractions are certainly noteworthy, a summertime stay in Provence would not be complete without spending at least a few nights in a classic small inn like the Maison d’Ulysse.

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