Five Reasons Why The Valentino Estate is Perfect for Corporate Holiday Parties

When you begin the search for the perfect place to host your corporate event or holiday party, the options are limitless. From hotel conference rooms to restaurants and bars, you have a number of settings to choose from for your corporate holiday party.

However, not all of these spaces provide the grandeur and amenities that a company holiday party requires.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect spot in Southern California to host your corporate event or holiday party, the woods are full of venues. Deciding which is better for your event often boils down to your specific needs. One venue that puts on corporate events and parties is the Valentino Estate.

If you are searching for a setting in Southern California for your company get-together, here are just a few reasons why the Valentino Estate just might be perfect for your holiday party.


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One of the first things you should look for in a corporate event location is whether it can actually accommodate your company or office. An added perk to the Valentino Estate is that it can accommodate as much or as little people as you desire. The space affords room for 400 people.

The Valentino Estate spreads out on 16.5 acres, lending the perfect amount of space so that your employees and guests never feel too cramped. And as the setting affords over 16 acres, you can use a portion of the space if you want a smaller gathering or take advantage of the whole acreage offered for events. Due to the Valentino Estate’s forgiving capacity, it tends to make for an easy choice for many companies looking for a holiday party location.


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Location can either make or break your event. If your venue is too isolated, you might experience a lower turnout or even early exit times because your guests have a long way to go back home. The Valentino Estate sets up in Rancho Santa Fe, California, just north of San Diego. The community boasts foundations in 1920s when it became one of California’s first planned communities united by a single architectural theme, Spanish Colonial Revival.

The Valentino Estate reflects that style of the area. Its location makes it easy for your employees to reach San Diego, Carlsbad, Encinitas and Escondido. The estate itself is close to the beach, restaurants, shopping and hotels so you don’t have to worry about your guests being without every amenity that they may need.

The Outdoors Abound

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In Southern California, it would be a shame to keep employees locked up indoors for the holiday party. While there is always the chance of rain around the holidays in this part of the country, many still take advantage of the outdoors in the wintertime. The Valentino Estate offers the ideal location to appreciate the outdoors on your corporate holiday party.

The estate features a scenic lake, acres of rolling lawns, a manicured rose garden and even riding and walking trails. Companies have the option to feature many of their events outdoors with the creation of outdoor living rooms and tents. If you are treating your employees to a grand holiday party, the location affords a great deal of natural eye candy to help your guests transport themselves away from the office.

A Holiday Retreat

You don’t have to think of corporate holiday parties in one set state of mind. Many companies are getting creative with the types of parties that they throw for their employees. The Valentino Estate affords companies the chance to not just throw a great party but to also take advantage of the fact that it has an equestrian club.

You can arrange to have your employees using the riding and walking trails of the estate that connect to the Rancho Santa Fe horse trail network. At the end of the day, you can close out the retreat with a party on site where guests can relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.

A Universally Compelling Ambience

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There are many different estates and venues in Southern California that stick to a certain theme. Your party might be limited in terms of what you can do. However with the Valentino Estate, you aren’t really limited to a set theme. While there is the Spanish style represented in the estate’s architecture, you can still create your own look and feel to the property. Outdoor living rooms near the estate can be adorned with market lights for a truly timeless looking event and also an affair in keeping with the holiday spirit. At the Valentino Estate, your corporate holiday party will have that elegant feel, rather than an ultra-modern cold feeling that some spaces can have.

The Bottom Line

For a corporate holiday party, you need to select a space that will work with you rather than against you. It is hard to go wrong with a location like the Valentino Estate as the sky is truly the limit. You can have a large gathering or a more intimate party. You can take advantage of the nature surrounding the grounds on riding and walking trails. And you can merely just kick back with employees and celebrate the season without being too far away from civilization.

Your Turn...

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What do you think of the Valentino Estate for your next company holiday party?