Why You Need a Destination Wedding Planner and How to Pick a Great One by Estate Weddings and EventsLots of brides want to plan their own weddings, and a lot of times, this is highly possible.

Except, of course, for destination weddings.

What's that, you say? Destination wedding brides shouldn't take on that big, daunting task all on their own?

No, they really shouldn't, especially the brides who plan to have destination weddings abroad. There's so much that goes into these kinds of events that important details could easily get lost. It's better to have a professional helping you along and making sure all loose ends are picked up.

Here are a few reasons you need a destination wedding planner and how you can pick a reliable one:

The Benefits of a Destination Wedding Planner

It might be easy to plan a smaller, local wedding on your own than hire a professional to help you, but destination weddings are different. You most likely have never been to the area you're hoping to get married in (or have only been there a few times), and you aren't familiar with the vendors in that area.

This is where a destination wedding planner comes in handy. Whether or not you hire a wedding planner specific to the region for your wedding, a professional is going to know how important it is to coordinate and execute an event of this magnitude with as few problems as possible.

A great destination wedding planner will know or be able to find the vendors in the area who have the best reputations and quality, and will be able to relieve some of your stress by doing this research for you.  Taking their vendor recommendation advice will help avoid problems and will result in less heartache on your wedding. A professional planner will also know the best strategies for keeping your vendors communicating clearly before your big day.

In addition, a destination wedding planner will know all the little details about the business of planning a destination wedding that you might have forgotten about or never even thought of. For example, they'll know any difficulties you may run into because of weather, local laws, extra fees, etc.

And should any problems arise during your wedding, your planner will be the one you can call on to get things fixed. You wouldn't want to put that burden on a friend or family member's shoulders when you're all supposed to be enjoying this exciting time at an exotic location.

Are you worried about the added cost of a planner because of your wedding budget? No problem -- look for destination wedding venues that include wedding planning as part of their services. This can be a very cost-effective way ensure you get all the organization and communication you need to make your wedding day successful.

Why You Need a Destination Wedding Planner and How to Pick a Great One by Estate Weddings and Events

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The Qualities of a Great Destination Wedding Planner

Picking a destination wedding planner is not much different than if you were to pick one for your local wedding, but there are a few key aspects to focus on.

First of all, make sure you get references/recommendations. While this is important with local planners, it's vital when you're looking for someone to coordinate a wedding that's not going to take place near your home. You need to be sure this planner will be 100% reliable in the months leading up to your wedding, and certainly on the day of.

Also, while there are questions you need to ask your vendors that also apply to your planner, ask them a few key questions that are specific to the destination wedding planning process and how they're going to handle it, such as:

- How familiar are you with the area we've chosen to get married in?
- How long have you worked with vendors there?
- Do you plan to work with the local authorities to get the proper licenses or is that up to us?
- Will you be booking our flights and hotel or is that up to us?

Asking questions along these lines in addition to the traditional questions you'd ask a wedding planner will help you get a better grasp on how qualified and able they are to handle your wedding. Once you're satisfied with the responses, you'll know you've found the right professional to help you out.

Why You Need a Destination Wedding Planner and How to Pick a Great One by Estate Weddings and Events

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Your Turn...

A destination wedding planner may seem unnecessary at first, but once you look into all the great ways they can help you plan and execute your wedding day, you're going to find yourself ready to interview several professionals. With a reliable planner on board, you'll undoubtedly find your destination wedding is on track to being a success.

Why were you thinking of hiring a destination wedding planner? If you weren't before, do you think you'll hire one now?