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In recent years many businesses have chosen to forgo the festive celebrations in favor of pinching the pennies, but company holiday parties are making a comeback and they are well worth the financial investment.

From showing company health to boosting employee morale, here's why you shouldn't skip the office holiday party this year...

Perception of the Company's Well-Being

Deciding not to host a company holiday party can have a huge impact on the perception of company health. Studies show that when management chooses to cancel a company holiday event, employees get the impression that the company mustn't be performing well and share stories of disappointment and concern about corporate health.

Pulling out all the stops and going that extra mile for your employees can make all the difference, helping to instill an optimistic outlook of both the current financial standing of the company and the future development. If rumors are afoot about your company health and you want to squash them before they escalate into something much more damaging, then an office holiday party may be the most important business decision you make of the year.

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Boosting Employee Morale

Ditch the company holiday party and you can expect to shatter the morale of your employees to the point that they feel like deflated balloons with rock bottom expectations. It might sound excessive, but that's the reality of how employees feel when the annual festivities get cut.

Most employees will admit to rather taking home a bonus at the end of the year than attending the holiday party if given a choice, but that fact shouldn't deter you from grabbing your glad rags and showing your gratitude and appreciation for all your dedicated workers with an unforgettable event.

These end of the year traditions mean a lot more to your employees than they often let on. Asides from helping them to start the new year on a positive foot, with an upbeat and hopeful viewpoint of what's to come, company holiday parties also make employees feel good about their job and the company they work for, boost loyalty, improve morale and when done right, they send job satisfaction through the roof.

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Key To Corporate Culture

Social activities in the workplace are absolutely key to corporate culture, and holiday parties are no exception. Whether it's a backyard do at the boss' place or a catered affair at a luxury private estate, office holiday parties allow for personal connection between employees as well as time for everyone to come together and celebrate the previous year's successes.

Holiday parties have been proven to have a positive effect on workplace dynamic, resulting in better interdepartmental relationships and office culture. Conflicts between different departments is not uncommon in the workplace, which is why a relaxed and friendly setting is perfect for diffusing any bad feeling or built up frustrations.

Hosting an event like this once a year provides employees the unique opportunity to get to know each other a little better on a more personal level, as well as to network and strategize with co-workers that they don't usually have the chance to interact with, all of which offers a huge benefit to their working relationships.

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Why Your Choice of Venue Matters

The venue you choose for your company holiday party is paramount. Look at it this way, it's all about how you want to put yourself out there and the image that you want to give off. If you want to celebrate your company's success in style then a luxury private estate is the only way to do it.

The reality is that there are an abundance of venue options to choose from but the majority of them are mediocre, and mediocre is not the impression that you want employees and potential clients to walk away with. Hotel conference rooms and local restaurants may help you keep costs to a minimum, but they certainly don't have any wow factor and they won't provide you with the grandeur and amenities that your company holiday party deserves.

If you think your holiday event needs an injection of prestige that only a private estate can provide, then we recommend exploring some of the following venues:

- Pienza Estate, El Dorado Hills

If you're seeking a venue that will truly set your event apart, then this little slice of Italy tucked away in El Dorado Hills in Northern California has all you could ever need.

- Las Olivas, San Diego

With cascading waterfalls, alfresco pool, 5 star amenities and gorgeous overnight facilities, Las Olivas in San Diego will leave your guests weak at the knees.

- Valentino Estate, Rancho Santa Fe

Just north of San Diego, the Valentino Estate boasts all the amenities that one could ever ask for making it the ideal location to host your company holiday party.

- La Bella Vida, Racho Santa Fe

Another beautiful venue in Rancho Santa Fe is the exquisite La Bella Vida estate. Providing the perfect blend of California with the Mediterranean, this spot has endless possibilities.

- LA Rooftop Gardens, Los Angeles

Elevated high above the hustle and bustle of downtown LA, the Rooftop Gardens venue is the very definition of glamour and style.

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