Why You Should Have Your Corporate Events at the Chilton Estate

We just added the Chilton Estate in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to our Exclusive Estates list and it has really blown me away!

Not only does the estate have amazing potential for corporate events but is also located in the hidden gem of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I'm sure you know Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania and an emerging metropolitan city.

However, you might be surprised to discover it's idealistic landscapes and estates sitting just outside the city. The Chilton Estate is one of the best kept secrets laying outside Harrisburg. The luxury of the estate and it's proximity to Harrisburg make for a perfect company retreat or company party.

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What exactly is a company retreat? Why should you have one?

Simply put, a company retreat is the best way to invigorate your team! It can be used for launching a specific project or working out a strategic plan that requires more brain power, creativity, and time than the usual office allows. Plus, it facilitates incredible interpersonal relations among colleagues and does wonders for "team building". Usually, company retreats are meant to "get away from it all" and just think.

Why have your company retreat at the Chilton Estate?

First, the location could not be better! Because it is near Harrisburg, there is convenient access for all your colleagues, speakers, and guests. In fact, travel from Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia is a simple drive away from the estate. It's hard to believe the exclusive and tranquil environment is so close to major metropolitan cities!

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Second, the estate is gorgeous and grand! The private property is just off the Yellow Breeches Creek among 500-acres of lush forests, rolling farmland, and beautiful flower gardens. The flat hilltop lawn is perfect for collective company dinners or presentations and the private gardens and various nooks are ideal for focus groups. Plus, being surrounded by lush greenery and babbling creek will prove to be therapeutic and inspiring.

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While retreats are productive, no one can resists a good party!

The Chilton Estate is ideal for large company parties that will impress all the rest! In the past, media outlets have put down the idea of an extravagant company party deeming them "passé" but times are a changin'. The modern world loves an extravagant party-- think about "Great Gatsby" and notorious celebrity birthdays. All the extra publicity through social media pictures and press coverages will turn your company bash into a marketing bonus!

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The Chilton Estate is more than luxurious and will surely impress guests. It's most impressive quality is it's sheer size. With 500 acres to work with, the possibilities are endless. In fact, this is one of the few properties that doesn't have a maximum capacity! The Chilton Estate is definitely your best bet at reclaiming corporate glam!

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