Host Your Family Reunion at an Estate

Family reunions can be tricky events to plan.

Scheduling, logistics, and costs can make an event stressful instead of memorable.

Hosting your reunion at a rental estate may be the perfect way to avoid some of the potential reunion-planning pitfalls so that you can focus on what really matters:

mingling with  relatives and making connections with family-members who you haven't seen in years.

Here are the reasons why renting an estate for your family reunion is a great idea...

It's a neutral site

One of the initial questions relatives may ask when they first hear about a reunion is “where is it going to be?”

Choosing a site can be the most difficult part of the whole planning process.

Have a reunion in someone's home and the host will be stuck with a majority of the work and stress.

Host it too far away and some people may not be able to attend.

Luckily, estates are located in every region of the US, so it is possible to choose an estate in a “neutral” location that won't require anyone to travel farther than anyone else.

A reunion and vacation in one

Even if the family is looking forward to the reunion, the process of traveling to the event can be costly and time consuming.

For some people, a reunion may take the place of their regular vacation.

Choosing an estate that is near worthwhile vacation attractions (beaches, historic sites, etc) can allow attendees the chance to enjoy some standard holiday activities during their reunion trip.

In addition, many  estates have features and amenities that can give guest a vacation-like experience.

From swimming pools and gardens to hiking and horse-riding trails, estates are full of fun activities that can make reunion attendees feel like they are on vacation.

Onsite accommodations

Large estates can host some or all of the people who are attending the reunion.

These rooms can be used for members of the family who have to travel a long distance for the event.

Also, people may be more likely to attend if they do not have to arrange a hotel room or impose on someone else in the family who lives near the estate.

These onsite rooms are another rental estate feature that can turn a reunion into a vacation-like experience rather than a simple family event.

Plenty of space for a large family

Many estates are quite spacious and are able to host large events like weddings and corporate conferences.

This means that large families will feel comfortable and even the most distant relatives can be invited to the reunion.

Many estates located in suburban and rural locations have large grounds and features like pools and gardens.

This makes it possible for the reunion to include different events and activities that are suitable for the different age-groups.

Estates with catering and entertainment

Estates can make it easy to host a party.

Some estates have in-house caterers, wait-staff, musicians and decorators who can take care of the tasks that go along with hosting a reunion party.

Not only does this mean that everyone will be treated to a party put on by professional event vendors, it also means that everyone who attends the reunion will be able to enjoy the party without having to worry about cooking or decorating or (most importantly) cleaning up afterwards.  

Indoor and outdoor spaces

Many estates have both indoor and outdoor event spaces.

This means that the reunion events won't have to be put on hold because of rain or other weather problems.

It also means that you can vary the types of events that are planned for your reunion.

An evening cocktail party, for example, could be held indoors, while a daytime picnic for the whole family could be held on the estate's lawns.

Your Turn...

No matter what size of family reunion you are planning, choosing a rental estate as the venue for your event can make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Interested in Hosting Your NEXT Family Reunion at an Estate? Tell us what you think in the comments below...