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The mountain jungles of Costa Rica could certainly be defined as a “paradise.” The lush landscapes that few people ever get to see are the subject of more than a few travelers’ fantasies. This is one place, though, where these tropical day-dreams are not as good as actual reality. This is because Costa Rica boasts a number of luxury resorts and estates that put guests in touch with the most beautiful tropical landscapes while also surrounding them with comfort and five-star luxuries.

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Actually, Costa Rica has more than one paradise. The volcanic highlands are known for their lush scenery, stunning peaks (some of which are still active volcanoes), and unique features like cloud forests filled with wildlife that is found nowhere else on earth. The coastal areas are equally charming, offering untouched beaches, romantic hidden bays, blue lagoons, and equally beautiful inland landscapes.

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Along the coast, vacationers can enjoy the beach, obviously, but sports like stand-up paddling, kayaking in clear blue waters, and horseback riding on the sand are also on the agenda. Chartered boat cruises along the coastline are a must for anyone who truly wants to experience the Costa Rica Pacific. Inland resorts, meanwhile, feature cloud forest canopy tours, volcano treks on foot or horseback, and jungle safari trips to see some truly unique flora and fauna.

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As we have already pointed out, there are a number of options for luxury resorts in Costa Rica. However, we want to show you two standouts that will guarantee that your dream tropical vacation becomes a tangible reality.

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Nayara Springs is a luxury vacation estate located in a scenic green valley below the Arenal Volcano, Central America’s most famous peak.  This resort features 16 private luxury villas, each surrounded by fantastic gardens.  The villas have outdoor plunge pools, indoor and outdoor rain showers, and unhindered views of Arenal from fully-furnished terraces.  Since each villa is connected by a walkway, guests can enjoy absolute privacy without being too far away from the main public areas.  This makes Nayara Springs an ideal choice for couples seeking something different and truly special for their honeymoon.

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The Papagayo Peninsula, on Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline, is home to Villa Manzu, a private estate with eight luxury suites overlooking the ocean. The scenery is on display from the suites themselves, from their furnished balconies, and from the public spaces on the property.  A full service spa, a pool, a bar, and a restaurant where world-class gourmet dishes are served elevate Manzu well above the status of a “seaside resort” to something truly special.

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Both these estates have full staffs with butlers, maids, chefs, and concierges. So the answer to your questions will always be “yes.” “Yes,” you will get to see the beauty of untouched nature up close, AND yes, you will have your every whim catered to.

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