10 Wildly Romantic Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

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Believe it or not, 6 million of us plan on popping the question come Valentine's Day.


Because there is no better time to celebrate your love than on one of the most romantic days of the year.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner check out these 10 proposal ideas that will guarantee to sweep your sweetie off her (or his) feet...

1. Recreate Your First Date

Consider recreating your first date (or another special date such as when you first met or said "I love you") to show your beau not just how much you love her but also that you do remember all those cherished moments that you've shared together. Whether you make reservations for the same restaurant, download the song that was playing that night, or make a picnic of all the foods and wines you had that day, try to reenact the date as closely as you can. When it comes to the askin' make sure you tell her that the reason you've recreated this moment is because it was when you knew you had met the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with, then get down on one knee and pop the question!

Recreate Your First Date

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2. In Front of a Crowd

Some girls just fall head over heels for grand gestures and if that's the case then nothing beats proposing in front of a big crowd. If you're going big then the first thing you need to decide is do you want a public proposal where the whole world can see or something a little more intimate with close friends and family? After that it's all about getting creative. Lot's of couples go to the theater on Valentine's Day so why not book your tickets in advance and call ahead to see if you can propose on stage? The cast and crew should be able to help you plan something memorable.

In Front of a Crowd

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3. Say It With Flowers

You know the drill...roses and lots of them! Roses on the bed, roses in the bath, roses on the floor, buy as many roses as you can get your hands on and scatter them absolutely everywhere. The impact of walking into a room and being overcome with the sheer beauty of them all is enough to send anyone swooning. If you want to go that extra mile then splash out on some rose colored lingerie and rose scented massage oil.

Say It With Flowers

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4. DIY Fortune Cookie

If you're often tucking into Asian food then you're partner won't suspect a thing if you hide a "will you marry me" note inside you're very own handmade fortune cookie and serve it up either with a take out or a homecooked meal. Fortune cookies are super easy to make even if you're not a master chef, and if you're determined to hide the ring inside then you can do that too. The best part of all is you can take the fortune cookies along with you on a romantic picnic and simply tell her you thought they might make a fun treat for Valentine's. Talking of picnics...

DIY Fortune Cookie

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5. Picnic Surprise

Pick out a beauty spot near you and have a friend or family member skip ahead to set out a lavish picnic complete with wine, chocolates and all sorts of tasty treats.  Lead your Valentine there in a leisurely way, all the while talking about why you love her so much and how happy she makes you. When you finally stumble across the picnic you can sit down, relax and soak up the gorgeous surroundings before finally turning to her and saying something along the lines of "I wanted to bring you to a spot almost as beautiful as you are to ask you if you'll spend the rest of your life with me. Will you marry me?"

Picnic Surprise

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6. Choreograph Your Own Dance

We've all seen the videos on YouTube from lip-dub proposals in the suburbs to Flash mob shenanigans in the middle of Times Square, a choreographed dance is without a doubt one of the most artistic and touching ways you can express your love. When you're planning something this spectacular you've got to juggle choreographing a dance, coordinating the schedules of everyone involved, organizing the entire event, as well as keeping it a secret (which is by far the hardest part of all). Enlisting the help of people you can trust and rely on will be crucial to pulling it off in style.

Choreograph Your Own Dance

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7. While She's Sleeping

If your gal is a heavy sleeper and you are confident you can get away with it without causing a disturbance, then why not slip the ring on her finger while she's dreaming and wake her up with a fabulous heartfelt breakfast of champagnes and strawberries. She'll be pleasantly surprised by the romantic gesture but the real shock will come as she's tucking into her delicious brekkie and suddenly realizes she's sporting a new piece of jewelry.

While She's Sleeping

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8. Lead With Love Hearts

Depending on the size of your house you're going to need a heck of a lot of candy conversation hearts to pull this idea off successfully, but it's a super sweet and adorable way to pop the question and one that doesn't require a whole lot of preparation. Use the love hearts to make an edible trail starting from the front door and leading to the bedroom where a giant heart with the words "Marry Me" awaits.

Lead With Love Hearts

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9. Message In A Bottle

Plan a trip to the beach for Valentine's and on the night before write your favorite love poem on a piece of parchment paper and slip it inside an convincingly old looking bottle. Take it along with you and as soon as you get the chance cork it and bury it somewhere near your towels. While playing about in the sand accidentally discover the bottle and be sure to have the ring at the ready. Whatever you do check the weather forecast, because digging about in the sand for a bottle won't quite be the romantic gesture you've planned if it's pouring down with rain!

Message In A Bottle

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10. Go Boating

Whether you hire you're own private boat or you get on board a local tour, taking your darling down the river for Valentine's could be the perfect way to propel your relationship to the next level. Charter the river route beforehand and organize setting up a proposal banner to be hung on a bridge that you know that you'll be heading under.

Go Boating

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Your Turn...

No matter how you decide to propose just make sure you stay true to who you are as an individual and couple. Good luck and we'd love to hear how it goes!