You can take a winter vacation almost anywhere in world, though most people opt for somewhere warm and sunny. But a true winter destination is somewhere that is cold yet cozy AND somewhere that allows you to take advantage of the outdoors in the winter. The Ranch at Rock Creek in Phillipsburg, Montana is just such a place. It offers everything you are looking for in a snow-themed winter vacation. This resort has a variety of accommodations ranging from Western-style cabins to luxurious two-story log homes. Whether you are taking a romantic trip for two or bringing the whole family for a one-in-a-lifetime reunion, the Ranch can accommodate you.


With a setting in the majestic mountains of Montana, it’s no wonder that the Ranch at Rock Creek offers nearly every snowy activity you can think of. While staying at the Ranch, you can experience any type of outdoor adventure you choose. If you are more of the excitement-seeking type, get your adrenaline going with downhill skiing. Ski areas that accommodate skill levels ranging from bunny hills to double-black diamonds are just a short drive away from the Ranch.

For a more leisurely winter activity, enjoy a guided snowcat tour, horse-drawn sleigh ride or ice skating on Bikini Beach, which doubles as an ice rink in the winter. If you are somewhere in between these two extremes, there are activities perfect for you such as sledding, snowmobiling and snowshoeing. One of the best parts of taking your winter vacation at the Ranch at Rock Creek is that you don’t have to come prepared. That's right, you can leave all of the equipment at home and just bring your winter clothes. The resort will have everything else you need, including helmets and goggles, to make sure you have an exciting yet safe excursion no matter which activity you choose.

Ranch at Rock Creek Retreat

After you’ve hit all the trails, slopes and ice rinks, cozy up next to a great bonfire while sipping hot cocoa or mulled wine. Even though most people focus on the snow, there is no shortage of activities when it’s time to retreat to the indoors. Visit Rock Creek's world class spa for a relaxing body treatment or stop by the Silver Dollar Saloon, which is equipped with all sorts of indoor entertainment options: billiard tables, a bowling alley, karaoke, darts and much more.

When it’s time to dine, choose one of the Ranch's fine dining options such as the Blue Canteen or the Granite Lodge. Each restaurant has a delicious menu and unique atmosphere that brings Montana's rustic elements from the outdoors inside. Thanks to the large windows, you can take in the stunning views of the Montana mountains while you refresh and prepare for the next day’s adventures.

Ranch at Rock Creek

The reasons to stay at The Ranch at Rock Creek are virtually endless, but if you are not yet sold on staying here this winter, here is another great reason: The Ranch provides all-inclusive packages for all of their accommodations. Their packages, like the Winter Ski & Spa package, make it easy to ensure that you are experiencing everything the resort has to offer (with little or no planning needed on your part).

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