Winter Wedding Bridesmaids

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Picking bridesmaid dresses and accessories is never an easy task.

You always have to deal with different body types, heights, and preferences. This problem is only worsened by the fact that your wedding is during the cold winter months - how do you keep them warm (and happy) enough on the big day?

Don't worry! You actually have more options for bridesmaid dresses and attire accessories than you might realize.

These are some of the best ways to keep your bridesmaids looking and feeling their best on your big day...

The Long and Short of It --

The easiest solution to keeping your bridesmaids warm is to pick a full-length dress for them to wear.

It's a typical winter wedding choice, yes, but that's because it's practical. Many women simply don't want to deal with having to keeping their lower limbs warm the entire day.

Long dresses also will eliminate any issues that a bridesmaid may have with her legs (yes, many women don't like the way their legs look in a short dress).

Long dresses tend to have an elegant feel to them, so if your winter wedding is more whimsical, look for dresses that have fun embellishments, patterns, or fabrics that contribute to the wedding's mood and theme.

Winter Bridesmaids

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However, if you opt for short dresses, you have to have a whole other game plan.

Short dresses can be done at a winter wedding if you properly anticipate weather concerns. You don't want to leave your bridesmaids bare-legged and freezing.

This can be easily accomplished by finding tights for your bridesmaids to wear. They can be the same pattern and color, or you can have fun with it and mix things up for each bridesmaid.

winter wedding bridesmaids dresses

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These Boots Were Made for Warming --

Recently, boots have made quite the statement in the winter wedding scene.

It's not really a surprise, though. Boots keep your feet and lower legs extra-warm and make it easier to trudge through snow.

What to wear to a Winter Wedding

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The added beauty of winter boots, hardy slippers, or even wellies/rain boots is that you can wear them hidden under long dresses for extra warmth, or proudly displayed with short dresses on your bridesmaids.

If tall boots are not your thing, your bridesmaids can wear booties, which still provide more warmth than many close-toed heels offer.

How to dress in style at your winter wedding

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Wrap It Up --

No matter if you choose long or short dresses for your bridesmaids, you'll want to make sure their upper bodies are as warm as their lower extremities will be.

Fortunately, this is one of the easier decisions to make when it comes to bridesmaid attire.

Winter wedding ideas: bridesmaid attire

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Let's say you as the bride are wearing a faux fur jacket or a crocheted shawl - you can easily have your bridesmaids wear the same thing or a similar item in a slightly different shade, style, pattern, etc.

Alternatively, you can allow them to wear their own winter jackets with a scarf you all wear to coordinate and look pulled together.

Winter Wedding Fashion

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Don't Leave Them Empty-Handed --

Don't forget about the arms and hands!

If your bridesmaids will not be wearing long-sleeved jackets, consider allowing them to wear elbow-length (or higher) gloves that will prohibit their skin from the harsh bite of cold weather.

Accessories for a winter wedding

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You could also choose to have your bridesmaids wear regular gloves or mittens, or even a muff. These will easily keep them warm during the entire day and offer a lot more versatility when it comes to choosing colors and styles, for example.

Keeping warm at a winter wedding

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Ready, Set, Search --

Finding warm and cozy winter wedding bridesmaid dresses and accessories doesn't have to be any more difficult than a spring or summer wedding; hopefully, this post has helped you with some ideas already. Now get out there and have some fun planning!

Your Turn...

Do you have any ideas for keeping your bridesmaids warm and happy that we might have missed?

Please share in the comments so others can get more ideas!