winter wedding cakes: ideas and tips

Ah, wedding cakes.

Everybody loves those huge piles of frosting and sugar and flour artfully crafted into a display piece that you can eat. (And if they don't love them, they usually at least appreciate the way they look.) But figuring out the style you want can be a huge pain.

Especially when most winter wedding cakes all look the same.

Yep, if you haven't already started researching your sweet treat for your winter nuptials, you're going to be looking at a lot of white.

It seems most brides go along with the white-colored palate of the winter and stick with very simple designs inspired by the cold landscape. And that's just fine. But if you're looking for a cake with a little more "oomph" to it that matches your blue winter wedding colors, you're going to need to deviate from this pattern.

Probably the second-most popular color for winter wedding cake choices, blue allows you to pick a range of shades that all work well for a winter setting. Picking decorations and accents that go along with the theme of your wedding will only help to cement its uniqueness. Here are some delectable deviations to help with your blue winter wedding cake inspiration!

Dainty Fabrics -

These cakes are inspired by the classic lace and embroidery patterns that simply don't go out of style. Perfect for elegant and/or vintage winter weddings, check out some of these beauties if you're looking to make a big impact with the little details:

Dainty Fabrics

Photo from Cakes We Bake

Winter Wedding Cakes: Dainty Fabrics

Photo from Wedding Wire

Winter Wedding Cakes: Fabrics

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Winter Wedding Cakes Ideas

Photo from Beautiful Cake Pictures

Winter Wedding Cakes Inspiration

Photo from Wedding Cake Toppers

Darker Desires -

There's no reason dark cake colors can't be used in weddings, especially winter ones. They work well because oftentimes the winter season is equated with darker colors for a feeling of comfort (like red and green) or luxury (like dark blue or purple). The range of styles you can do with dark-colored cakes is impressive, and will be sure to leave your guests in awe.

Winter Wedding Cakes: Darker Theme

Photo from Pretty Charmed

Dark Blue Winter Wedding Cakes

Photo from Wedding Wire

Winter Wedding Cakes: Dark Blue

Photo from Wedding Wire

Winter Wedding Cakes: Dark Blue Ideas

Photo from 2 Birdstone

Winter Wedding Cakes: Blue Ideas

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Whimsical Celebration - 

For the couple who wants something a bit on the cuter, whimsical side instead of the elegant and streamlined, you can easily work with blue-toned cakes to get this theme. Snowflakes and sparkles work well here - you'll find no shortage of these if you search online for blue winter wedding cakes. And how adorable is this red-and-blue bird-themed winter cake?

Winter Wedding Cakes: Whimsical

Photo from Cakes Decor

Wedding Cakes for a Winter Wedding

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Wedding Cakes for a Winter

Photo from Jeseca Creations

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Winter Wedding

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Fun Winter Wedding Cake Ideas

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Your Turn...

Hopefully, if you're the couple who wanted a blue-themed wedding and a matching cake, these pictures have gotten your creative juices flowing. The next key step is finding a wedding cake vendor who will be able to create the piece of your dreams (not all bakers are created equal, so make sure you do your research).

Which of these cakes could you see having at your winter wedding and why?