winter wedding dress ideas

When you're choosing any wedding dress, you of course want to look for something you love and that fits your body type.

However, the season you're getting married in will also affect your choice. It's perfectly normal to wear a short wedding dress for a summer wedding, for example.

But a winter wedding will be a different matter.

You have lots of options but you'll need to choose wisely for the weather. Spend some time considering these options and then shop to your heart's content!

Length & Trains

Though you may not realize it, there are actually a few things you need to think about when it comes to the length of your winter wedding dress.

You can opt for a short dress if you really wish, but you'll need to wear appropriate accessories like thick tights and warm boots to avoid being very cold.

Otherwise, dresses with hems that brush the ground will of course be your go-to choice for warmth.

You also need to decide how long you want your train to be. Anything that is too long risks getting dragged through wet, snowy ground (like you might get if you were in Colorado, for example).

You can have a train at any length you wish, but you will need to make preparations for ones that will consistently be trailing (like bundling or having your personal assistant carry the train while you walk around).

Winter Wedding Gowns

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You definitely want to stay warm during your winter wedding, but you also don't want to sweat the night away, either.

Heavy fabrics like velvet, thick satin, crepe, and even some types of heavier lace simply exude the chilly season spirit. However, you run the risk of becoming too toasty if you are indoors for most of the evening.

Make sure if you choose heavier fabrics that your dress still has some breathable aspects to it (like an open back) or that you don't wear too many undergarment pieces like shape wear or tights that would contribute to overheating.

Alternatively, many brides opt for dresses with fabrics that are reminiscent of the light, fluffy nature of snow, such as organza or tulle. If this is your style, having one of these types of fabric on your winter wedding dress will ensure a good balance between not being too cold or too warm.

You can also accessorize with a coat or gloves if you are worried about being too cold in lighter fabrics. You'll definitely fit into the season this way!

Fashion & Style

When it comes to wedding dresses, certain fashions are more characteristic of the holiday season.

It's typical to see winter wedding dresses with full-length sleeves, but you will also see caps and three-quarter length, too.

Sleeves give you a little extra coverage to avoid getting goosebumps. Make sure that the fabric on these sleeves allows your skin to breathe, or you'll still run into the problem of becoming too sweaty.

Many brides opt for high collars, too, an option you can't always consider during spring and summer weddings. Collars give your dress an extra elegance and class that makes it especially appropriate for formal winter weddings. Another very winter-y theme this year is sheer or illusion necklines.

In regards to the wedding dress shape and style itself, almost anything will work - just focus on choosing the style that matches you and your wedding the best. An A-line dress would work perfectly for a grand, ball-like wedding, whereas a mermaid fit complements a winter chic setting no problem.

Wedding Dress Guide: Winter Season

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Details are very important for making your dress your own. This is true in any seasonal wedding.

However, with winter wedding dresses, you have a few options to play around with that really add to the beauty and splendor of this time of year.

One of the best choices for a winter wedding dress is to choose one that has fur lining the hem, cuffs, or collar.  Though you can always accessorize with fur pieces, many dresses do come directly made with fur edgings for a definite winter feel.

You can also consider a dress with sparkly embellishments that match your wedding theme.

For example, if you have a lush, opulent theme full of dark Christmas-y colors and gold ornaments, you could look for a dress with gold weaving or beading.

Similarly, a more light but still festive feel of silver and blue accents would allow for those same colors to be on your dress. Of course, there are also white beads and pearls that work very well for this time of year.

Wedding Dress Ideas for a Winter Wedding

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Go the extra mile and pick a dress with some bold color statements to help you stand out from the snow.

Some winter wedding dresses can have blue-ish hues or overlays that complement weddings using this color. Other dresses incorporate a solid-color sash, bow, trim, or corset strings. Dark colors like reds, greens, and even black are not uncommon sights.

And who says traditional white, ivory, and creme-colored dresses are all you can wear? Many European brides opt for different colors all together.

A dark green or red dress with white, gold, or silver accents can be breathtaking - just make sure you don't look like a cheesy version of an elf or Santa Clause!

Be careful when you're thinking of choosing a dress with a color other than traditional choices, though. This could inadvertently offend some relatives or friends.

Grandma may not appreciate you wearing anything other than white, and it's not always in your best interest to put your relationships at stake just for a dress you'll wear one day of your life.

winter wedding dress ideas tips

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So there you have it - winter wedding dress options for your important hunt. Now go shop!

Your Turn...

Which of these areas do you think is the most important for choosing a wedding dress for winter?  Which do you not care about so much?