Winter Wedding Favors: Beverage

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Have you ever been to one of those weddings where the couple gave you a wedding favor that just didn't... matter?

If you haven't, you're lucky. It really stinks going home with your favor and thinking, "I have no idea what we're going to do with this."

Like my husband and I got a measuring spoon at one point, which didn't help when we already had two sets of measuring spoons. I much preferred the personalized measuring tape wedding favors our other friends handed out when they got married.

That's not to say your winter wedding favors have to be 100% original, never-thought-of-by-anyone-else-ever-in-the-history-of-the-world (because that's just impossible).

But you should put more thought into your favors than just going to the first website that shows up in your Google search and picking out a winter wedding favor that's "good enough."

Instead of those snowflake-etched glass coasters (which are pretty cute, actually), try thinking outside the favors box with these more interesting winter wedding favors...


Though some may disagree with me, I personally think it's very hard to go wrong with food-themed favors.

Food favors can be easy to buy or create in bulk and since most people love having something they can take home and not have to worry about using again, they're a win-win for everyone.

For example, my husband and I didn't have a huge budget, but we're foodies and we loved the idea of a candy bar. So I kept an eye out on sale prices, and was able to buy green-foiled Andes mints, silver-wrapped Hershey's kisses, and white candy-coated almonds (our three wedding colors!) on discount.

Some of the best food-based winter wedding favors are options lots of winter wedding couples pick, like S'mores or candy bars. But these are popular for a reason - everyone loves them! Just make sure whatever food you pick to offer won't be an allergy concern with attending guests.

Winter Wedding Favors: Food & Candy

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Winter Wedding Favors: Desserts

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Giving your guests drinks as winter wedding favors is another win-win situation.

I mean, I really don't know anyone who hates having a warm glass of a delicious beverage in their hands after a long celebration.

Seasonal choices are best suited for your winter wedding, so consider offering a hot chocolate bar with gourmet options and toppings (marshmallows and sprinkles!). If your budget allows for it, you could even bring in some, syrups,  rum or Kahlua to add in for their extra warming effect.

Chai tea, coffee, mulled wine/mulling spices, egg nog, or apple cider are other alternatives if you're not hot chocolate people. All these drinks can be packaged up in jars or tubes for guests to take home, or served on the spot before they head home.

Winter Wedding Favors: Drinks

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Winter Wedding Favors: Beverage

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And speaking of seasonal, why not try some practical ideas with a winter flair?

I'm talking actually practical here, not those coasters your guests may never end up using. For example, you could offer hand-made soap with snowflakes etched into it or covered in holiday wrapping paper, or a mug cozy for their hot beverages throughout the rest of the cold months (even the rest of the year).

If you want to go even more practical, consider supplying each guest a set of gloves or mittens, maybe even a pashmina or scarf they can keep. You could also offer them a fire-starting pine cone. These are all especially great in areas that get lots of snow and where houses tend to have wood-burning fires!

Winter Wedding Favor Ideas

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Winter Wedding Favors Ideas: Something Practical

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Winter Wedding Favors: Practical Ideas

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If you're just thrilled at the idea of having more obvious winter wedding favors, you've got some really fun options here.

You can always go with ornaments. But don't just buy the same-old, same-old ones on every other wedding favors website - try customizing. Paint the outsides in a color and pattern you like, or buy clear ornaments and fill them with whatever you want (some people even put hot chocolate mix and marshmallows inside!).

Also consider making snow globes out of plastic figurines and old mason and jelly jars. Obviously, these will take a while to make, but guests will appreciate the uniqueness of each piece and will proudly display them at home.

Finally, if you're more of the eco-friendly type, offer your guests tree seedlings they can plant in their yards. What better reminder of your winter wedding than a tree they'll be able to enjoy year after year!

Winter Wedding Favors: Seasonal Ideas

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Winter Wedding Favors: Seasonal Theme

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Winter Wedding Favors: Go with a seasonal favor idea

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Your Turn...

Obviously, these are just a few suggestions to get you started. There are hundreds of winter wedding favors ideas you could come up with that are more interesting than that snowflake-topped wine stopper all the sites seem to be selling.

Look around and find the favors best suited for you as a couple, and ultimately, have fun!

What winter wedding favors do you think would make your guests the most happy? Do you plan to use an idea here or have you thought of something different?