Winter Wedding Hairstyles, Makeup, & Beauty Tips to Help You Look Radiant by Estate Weddings and Events

Every bride wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day. That's a given. But in the winter, you can't just show up to your ceremony and reception hoping that people will pay attention to your wedding dress, colors, or centerpieces instead of your dry skin.

Looking radiant for your winter wedding is going to take some extra work.

However, with a little planning and know-how, it's very possible to be the beautiful winter bride you always wanted to be. You could put even sun-kissed beach brides to shame. Follow this guide to making you look your absolute best for your winter wedding:

Winter Wedding Hairstyles

Okay, we gotta be honest here: there's nothing that really differentiates "winter" wedding hairstyles from those in any other season.

Though most winter weddings tend to be formal, you can wear long, short, or medium wedding hairstyles any way you see fit that matches the style of your dress, the tone of your wedding, or the shape of your face (preferably all three). In other words, you don't want a beach-sexy look if your winter wedding doesn't call for it.

However, one thing you need to think about when you're planning winter wedding hairstyles is the health of your hair itself. Winter consistently causes hair to dry out and get frizzy, especially in colder, less humid climates.

To beat nasty winter hair syndrome, make sure you condition it on a regular basis before your wedding, but avoid any product that contains alcohol, as this will dry out your hair more. Opt for an extra-moisturizing, leave-in conditioner if your hair is typically very dry even without winter conditions hassling it. Finally, take along some dryer sheets to your wedding to run over your locks to help tame flyaways.

Winter Wedding Hairstyles

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Winter Wedding Beauty

Like your hair, the rest of your body can get dry and dehydrated very quickly during the winter. So it's important to remember three words in preparation for your wedding day: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Here are some tips to help you deal with water loss:

 1. If you haven't been using a night-time moisturizer for your face, now's the time to start. Find a formula that's best for your skin type but won't cause you to break out; creamy solutions tend to work best at keeping water in your skin during the winter.

Similarly, make sure that your facial cleanser isn't making your skin drier. If you need to switch to something less harsh, you won't regret it when you're glowing on your wedding day.

2. Your baths and showers should also use moisturizing products or oils, and using lotions is essential. Put some on your body after you dry off, or when you just feel like an area's itchy or too dry (usually, this will be your elbows and heels). You can also exfoliate these areas more often, too.

Finally, pay attention to any part of your body that will show during the wedding and photographs, like your arms and décolletage (that's just a fancy word for your upper body and neck area!). Slather generous amounts of lotion on these areas. Don't forget your nails, either; use lotion or cuticle cream to strengthen and moisturize these parts of your fingers.

3. Don't forget your lips! Chapped lips are very typical during the colder seasons, so make sure you use chapstick or moisturizing lip gloss consistently before your wedding. Keep some with you on the wedding day to use when you feel like your lips need a refresher.

4. Winter wedding beauty can't be complete with water -- beyond your skin, that is. Drinking lots of water before and during your wedding day will help you keep up that radiant look. Though recommended for any bride for any season, drinking water is especially important during the winter to avoid dehydration and fatigue.

You probably also want to avoid the tanning bed; if you must have a tan, opt for spray-on solutions (professionally done in a salon or from the store).

Winter Wedding Beauty

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Winter Wedding Makeup

Again, makeup can be done however you see fit for your wedding day, but there are a few key differences when you're dealing with all those cosmetics during the winter.

Most winter wedding makeup is done with your natural skin color. That means if you've lost color since the summer, you have to ensure your foundation color matches your skin tone before you walk down the aisle.

Select a color that makes you look healthy, not washed out. And as mentioned above, you can tan if you want to, but overdoing it will make your winter wedding makeup look like you just wished you were a summer bride instead.

Adding some shimmer is a favorite trick for winter wedding makeup, but you also want to focus on hiding flaws. Unfortunately, the chillier seasons tend to have lots of cloud cover, and winter wedding venues like to use low lighting to create a cozy atmosphere.

To combat a dull, sullen look from either of these problems, use highlighting colors under your eyes, along the bridge of your nose, in the corners of your eyes, and other areas where you might get harsh shadows.

Hopefully, you've already followed the moisturizing routines laid out above; if so, your foundation probably won't over-dry you. However, if you're going to wear mineral makeup, practice your look a few days in advance to find the right balance of how much product to use that won't dry you out or cause you to go too shiny by the end of the night.

And even though it's winter, always bring powder along for the wedding day!

Winter Wedding Makeup

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Your Turn...

Making your skin and body prepared for your winter wedding will take more of your time than you might realize, so make sure you plan your beauty routine several months in advance of your wedding day. The longer you take care of your hair, skin, and body, the more likely it's going to look fantastic.

However, winter wedding hairstyles, makeup, and beauty are well worth the extra time. You'll feel transformed when you get to your wedding day and you have the radiant glow you'd always hoped for.

What's your favorite product or trick to use to fight off dry winter weather?