Customized ornaments as wedding invitations

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The winter wedding planning process can be tiring in some parts, and loads of fun in others.

We think invitations are part of the latter.

The first aspect of your wedding that guests will see (after any save the date cards) are your invitations, so you'll need to invest some time into picking ones that will reflect your winter wedding theme.

Yes, you have lots of options to choose from, but that's part of the fun of it all! Once you find a full or basic design you like, you can feel free to tweak, add, or remove any elements of the invitations you want to.

And when it comes to your wedding day, you can feel free to personalize as much as you want.

To help you get started, we've come up with six incredibly unique winter wedding invitation ideas that you can be sure will feel personalized as soon as your guests open them up.

1. Snow and Pine Cones Boxes

Yes, you read that right. These wedding invitations are in boxes.

The boxes' bottoms are covered in a colorful, printed invitation and topped with fake snow and real pine cones before being closed and enwrapped in ribbon. These can be fun DIY invitations if you have the time to prepare them.

However, you'll also have to keep in mind the cost of shipping these winter wedding invitations to your guests. They'll cost a lot more than simple cardstock and paper invitations would.

Wedding Invitations: Snow and Pine Cones Boxes

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2. Book Lovers

Okay, so this idea can be used any time of the year, but it was just too different to pass up.

If you love books and are willing to put in some more cash and work into your invitations, try customizing old books.

You can change everything from the cover down to the removal of the pages inside to create more space for your invitation pieces.

Customize old books for your wedding invitations

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This couple even made their reply card look like a library "due date" card!

Creative wedding invitations using books

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3. Glass Elegance

We're kind of on a more expensive winter wedding invitation kick, it seems.

The problem is that they are just so darn creative, like these etched glass invitations which compliment the winter season perfectly.

Heavy? Yes. One-of-a-kind invitations your guests will most likely never see again? Absolutely.

Etched glass invitations for your winter wedding

Photo from Lela New York

4. Ornamental Creation

If you're getting married around Christmas time, why not give your guests something they can use?

These winter wedding invitations are about as festive as you can get: customized ornaments.

Perfect for the DIY bride, you'll print out your wedding details onto strips of paper in your wedding colors that you then insert into clear glass ornaments (which you can usually purchase at a craft store). Make sure the important information is facing the outside, and stuff or adjust as needed so that guests won't have to open the ornaments and pull out the actual invitation part!

Customized ornaments as wedding invitations

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5. Woodwork

Instead of using the lighter version of wood, opt for the actual wood itself for your winter wedding invitations.

The wood can be etched or painted on to create an unforgettable reading experience for your guests (they better not forget your wedding date after holding one of these beauties).

If you're having a rustic or tree-themed winter wedding, there's no better option for invitations.

Use wood itself for your winter wedding invitations

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6. The Joy of Music

Are one or both of you music lovers who want to share your passion with your guests?

Get ready to rock and roll with these CD-inspired wedding invitations.

The CD is really just a printed insert with more of your wedding details, and the rest of the CD case can be created to display anything else you'd like. You can even make it tri-fold, if you like.

Again, though not just for winter weddings, these invitations allow for lots of customization and will definitely impress your guests.

CD-inspired wedding invitations

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Your Turn...

If you weren't considering unique and creative wedding invitations like these, we bet you are now.

Are there any other winter wedding invitation ideas that weren't included in this list but should have been?

Let us know in the comments - you'll also be doing other creative brides a favor!