Winter Wedding Shoes

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Like many other women, I'm addicted to shoes.

I'm fascinated by the history of shoes, like how ancient Egyptians mostly wore sandals, and even the fictional tales around them, like Cinderella's glass slipper or Dorothy's ruby red shoes.

I know not all women fawn over footwear, and not all women even care to go buy a new pair (some may even loathe that task, though I've yet to meet one of these ladies). However, those who do love shoes put lots of time and effort into finding just the right ones to go with their wardrobe.

This is definitely true of many winter wedding brides during their planning. Of course it's true for many brides in general, but during the colder months, picking the right winter wedding shoes for that special day will ensure not just your comfort, but also your warmth (depending on where you're getting married). The choice needs to be made well.

If you're one of those brides who wants to make sure you're putting your best foot forward (literally) on your wedding day, here are several ideas for pairs you won't want to miss!

A Quick Note on Colors

As with any other seasonal wedding, don't feel limited to wearing just white. In fact, I'd even suggest not wearing all-white winter wedding shoes, because any other color will contrast splendidly against the bleaker, snowy outdoor scenes you'll be taking pictures in. Try on shoes in several different colors in your winter wedding color scheme before deciding on a final shade!

Wedding Shoe Color Ideas

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Snow Boots 

Similar to the idea of wearing cowboy boots at fall weddings (which you can also wear during winter if you want to), snow boots will not only contribute a definite winter flair to your pictures, but will also keep your feet dry and warm. This makes them some of the best winter wedding shoes around.

You can wear white ones with pom-poms attached, "snow bunny" style, or you can choose boots in a different color. You can even ask your bridesmaids to wear boots to keep them warm, too. If you're a fan of Uggs, they've got an entire "I Do" line! As long as the boots are waterproof, they'll be plenty practical for stepping out into the snow.

Just make sure you have an alternative pair of shoes available in case your feet get too hot (sandals are a good option - and no, I'm not joking).

Winter Wedding Shoes: Boots

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Winter Wedding Shoes: Uggs

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Tall Fashion Boots

Another option for winter wedding shoes that's not so ski-resort-like as snow boots are tall fashion boots you would normally wear during the fall and winter.

If these are heeled, you'll have to be extra careful not to slip on ice, but they will provide a classier feel to your wedding than snow boots. For a truly refined and old-fashioned look, choose lace-up Victorian boots!

If you choose tall fashion boots, make sure they are prepared to be worn in snow. Since these are usually only worn for fashion and not making snow angels, they won't necessarily be prepared by the manufacturers to get wet. Suede and leather, for instance, will need to be waterproofed so the boots are not damaged or left with water spots.

Winter Wedding Shoes: Tall Fashion Boots

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Wedding Shoes: Tall Boots

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Rain Boots/Wellies

Yet another alternative to the scads of boots you can wear during the fall and winter, rain boots will undoubtedly keep your feet dry in the snow and wet.

The best part about rain boots is that they are more likely to come in colors other than white, and can even have unique patterns. So if you're up for a little fun, these will do nicely!

Winter Wedding Shoes: Rain Boots/Wellies

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If you don't like the idea of taller boots in general but still want your entire foot covered, opt for booties.

Booties will either rest right around your ankle or extend a bit above, but generally don't go above the calf. They can also be worn with pom-poms attached for a winter-y air, or they can be laced up with satin ribbon, or trimmed with faux fur. You could even wear ones with glitter on the heels or small rhinestones covering the material without risking glam overload.

And as far as material is concerned, booties can be made from pretty much anything, including ever-so-elegant lace.

Winter Wedding Shoes: Booties

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Wedding Shoes: Booties

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Pumps are probably the most typical wedding shoe choice for any season. However, that doesn't mean they have to be bland, even in the winter.

Lots of pumps can have character if you buy ones with a fun print or in colors that match your wedding. They can also be typically found bedecked in jewels (which fits a glitzy winter wedding theme well), bows, lace, and more.

Also, pumps look adorable if you add some tights into the picture to keep your legs warm, especially on brides who choose to wear short dresses.

Winter Wedding Shoes: Pumps

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Wedding Shoes Ideas: Pumps

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Ballet Flats

Ballet flats, though typical of spring and summer weddings, can add a comfortable feeling to a winter wedding that's meant to be more casual.

Though they can be made from anything like leather to satin, it's best to get these winter wedding shoes in a hardier fabric or material with a solid rubber sole so you don't risk having water, snow, and mud seep through.

These can also just be your "indoor shoes" if you want to wear boots outside for photos and switch into these. This gets rid of the risk of making your feet cold.

Winter Wedding Shoes: Ballet Flats

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Wedding Shoe Ideas: Ballet Flats

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What? Sandals at a winter wedding?

You betcha.

Sandals are a definite option for winter wedding shoes because unlike boots, you won't risk overheating in them. And like I mentioned above, they're good back-ups for when you want to give your feet some breathing room from your boots.

Really, sandals can work for your entire winter wedding ensemble as long as you don't plan on being out in the cold and snow for a long time. If it's not that freezing where you're getting married, you can wear them the entire day.

Winter Wedding Shoes: Sandals

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Wedding Shoe Ideas: Sandals

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Your Turn...

When it comes to winter wedding shoes, brides who love their footwear have tons of options. The ONLY thing you really can't wear for winter wedding shoes are slippers (and no, going barefoot doesn't count because you're not wearing shoes). Then again, Ugg has a pair of slippers in their "I Do" collection, so if you give those a try let us know how that turns out for you.

If you're a shoe-obsessed bride, what colors, styles, and materials are you thinking will be the best fit for your winter wedding?