How to choose your winter wedding theme

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If you're anything like me, you're inherently attracted to winter.

It could be the thought of cozying up in a blanket with hot chocolate, or the fact that snowy landscapes are too resplendent to ignore.

No matter your reason for loving the colder season, you've decided to have your wedding held during these months. And now you have to figure out the theme.

Wedding themes can be anything from a mood you're aiming for, like simple elegance, or more obvious visuals or symbols to tie everything together (take this Disney-themed wedding, for example).

To help you make the decision process easier, follow the steps in this checklist to pick the absolute best theme for your winter wedding!

1. Decide on your wedding's mood

The process of picking a winter wedding theme sometimes doesn't differ at all from other seasons, and this is one of those similarities.

All weddings have a certain mood to them that permeates all aspects of the wedding, from everything like the wedding venues down to the very last cocktail napkin.

So ask yourself what kind of mood you want: are you aiming for a fun, quirky feeling at your wedding, or would you prefer something a bit more formal and elegant?

Winter Wedding Ideas: Theme

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This is a crucial first decision to make as it essentially touches on all other elements of your wedding decisions. Even the type of wedding dress you buy will be affected by whether or not you want to be sassy or suave.

Though many winter weddings may seem more formal because of the typical need for longer dresses and warmer coats, you can choose to be daring and new.

You can easily have a more light-hearted affair by going with shorter dresses, fun-loving invitations, or even brighter colors (see the next step).

2. Consider your wedding colors

Take a look at your winter wedding colors - how can you work with these to create the mood you're looking for?

If they don't work well with how you want your wedding to feel, you may need to swap out a few colors or change them all together.

Consider adding some metallics or even a few plaid pieces here and there to help create the winter spirit (that is, of course if these would benefit your colors and theme and not be misplaced).

You may not have already decided on your colors - that's okay! In fact, picking a theme and your colors all at once may be easier.

You can line them both up at the same time and be done, ensuring that your theme and colors are 100% in sync for the rest of your wedding planning purposes.

How to choose your winter wedding theme

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3. Think about visuals

This is where winter wedding themes are clearly set apart from all other wedding seasons. For example, you simply shouldn't have spring flowers plastered on your invitations and table seating cards if they aren't even growing yet.

Instead, lots of other details and images can make your big day scream "winter" no problem.

For example, snowflakes and pine cones are two of the most obvious symbols of the winter season, as are coniferous trees themselves.

Some other typical winter visuals are sleighs, sleds, sleigh bells, ornaments, nutcrackers, ice, etc.

A word of caution, though: don't make your wedding look exactly like Christmas, especially a December wedding.

As much as you may love the holiday, it's not the same thing as your wedding day. Try to keep the greens, reds, ornaments, and trees to a minimum.

ideas for a winter wedding theme

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Your Turn...

If you follow these three steps, you're going to find a theme a lot more easily than you had originally expected.

What themes are you considering, and which do you think are inappropriate for a winter wedding?