Winter Wedding Theme Guide

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Now that you've done the work of getting a date set for your winter wedding, you're ready to take the next steps.

Perhaps you're considering looking at wedding venues or are trying to figure out your colors.

However, you should be focusing on your wedding theme, because it will have a large impact on all your planning and what choices you make.

Last week, we ran a post on how to pick your winter wedding theme, and this week, we're giving you some ideas to help you along!

Though many of these themes can be found in other wedding seasons, they have all been customized in one way or another for the chilly time of year. This does mean that some have been done quite often, while others are more recent trends.

It's up to you to pick which one fits your wedding to reflect the couple that you are!

1. Victorian

All the rage during the past and current years, Victorian-themed weddings have been incorporated into almost every seasonal wedding, including winter.

The lighter, pale colors typical of the Victorian era actually work very well in a winter setting. Combine the dusty rose and ivory tones commonly found during this time with the recently popular wedding color of grey and you've got yourself a winning theme.

This winter wedding theme finishes off handsomely with lace accents, delicate jewels and pearls, and lace-up boots.

Winter Wedding Themes: Victorian

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2. Rustic/Country

If you're more of the natural type, go for the rustic or country style for your winter wedding theme.

Rustic winter weddings fit barn or log-cabin style settings perfectly, and this theme allows you to add in almost any natural element you desire without it feeling out of place.

Cranberries, pine cones, iron, wood, and branches all complement this theme, and its colors are usually earth tones.

Rustic and Country Winter Wedding Ideas

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3. Winter Wonderland: Snowflakes

The Winter Wonderland theme is probably the most popular winter wedding choice to date, but it's also one of the most versatile.

For instance, many couples' take on Winter Wonderland is the snowflake surrounded by similar light or dark blue colors and festive decorations.

The great thing about a snowflake-themed wedding is that you can make it more formal and classy, or focus on the "making snow angels" aspect of snowflakes to create a more casual and fun-loving setting.

Make sure to also pick your venue so it contributes to the type of Winter Wonderland snowflake theme you're seeking.

Wedding Themes: Winter Wonderland: Snowflakes

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4. Winter Wonderland: Crystals & Metallics

Another popular version of the Winter Wonderland wedding theme focuses on the visual textures and composition of the season.

Snow and ice are mimicked with the use of crystals, clear vases, and rhinestones placed in eye-catching locations. Metallics are reminiscent of holiday decorations and string lighting.

Both crystal and metallic-based wedding themes are chic, updated alternatives to the traditional snowflake theme.

This Winter Wonderland wedding theme tends to work best in well-lit venues that allow for the natural shine and shimmer of the decorations.

Winter Wonderland: Crystals & Metallics

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5. Black & White Elegance

Simple is as simple does.

For the ultimate formal winter wedding, stick to an entirely black and white theme.

Some might think this is not a theme, but it is in its own way. Just think "Black Tie Wedding" and you're good to go.

This actually makes your planning far easier, because it allows you to focus on details like calligraphy accents or mix-and-matched black and white patterns.

Wedding Themes: Black & White Elegance

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6. Shabby Chic

Popular in all times of the year, shabby chic fits comfortably into winter, as well.

It's a perfect mix of Victorian-inspired and rustic for those couples who don't like going 100% with either of those themes.

The great thing about shabby chic is that because of its popularity, you can find reams of ideas for incorporating the style into your wedding, and in almost any color, too.

Shabby chic can involve a lot of DIY elements, so it's a great choice for the bride looking to save a few bucks.

Shabby Chic Wedding Themes

Photo by The Frosted Petticoat

7. Modern Chic

Want to go the modern route and be a bit more streamlined or simplistic?

The key with a modern chic winter wedding is to focus on a fresh, clean look and to avoid overdoing too many details.

It may seem difficult to do a modern chic wedding during the winter, when things are usually considered more traditional (and a lot of times pretty gaudy). However, if you put some thought into it, your wedding will be the one that always stands out in your guests' minds when they think of the winter weddings they've been to.

Modern Chic Wedding Themes

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8. Bare Branches/Trees

Bare trees make up one of the most breathtaking themes a wedding can have.

These wood pieces can be taller than your guests, creating a tunnel for you to walk through down the aisle, or they can be just a foot tall to give your centerpieces some natural visual appeal.

You can purchase these display trees and branches, of course. Or you can go the DIY route and collect dead branches a few months before your wedding, spray painting and decorating them all yourself.

Winter Wedding Ideas: Bare Branches/Trees

Photo by Bridal Guide

9. Candy Cane

Similar to the snowflake Winter Wonderland winter wedding theme, candy canes give your wedding a definite festive spirit.

The red and white colors can be incorporated into all areas of your wedding, and candy canes can be a part of your centerpieces, cake decorations, and favors for guests.

Heck, you could even finish the night off with a hot chocolate bar and peppermint sticks at the reception.

If you want to make even more of a statement, try a retro-themed wedding with candy cane accents.

Your Turn...

Though these are some of the most popular or trending winter wedding themes in recent years, don't feel that you must adopt one yourself.

Figure out what does or doesn't work for you as a couple, and refuse to bend to the wishes of the industry.

Your wedding is a special day to focus on your love and relationship as a couple - pick your theme well and own it through the rest of the planning phase all the way until you hop in the getaway car (or sleigh)!